A first look at the German Shepherd!

I figure I’ve kept this secret for long enough, so heres the news for everyone to read:
My next upcoming avatar will be German Shepherds!

Ive got the first one almost finished, and am currently ironing out the last glitches with it, as well as preparing to give it facial expressions, just like the fox had them. So far I’m very happy with the outcome of the project, and it’s certainly showing improvements over the fox, in my eyes. Work is going a lot smoother, now that I sorted out the organizational issues of building an avatar, so my workspace is a lot cleaner than it used to be.

Though see for yourself, here’s a preview picture for you guys, spread it around if you like, and leave some feedback!

If you’re curious about when to expect this to hit the stores, all I can say is “when its done.” ™. But rest assured that there will be more previews of the other colors, as well as a nice, closer look at the facial expression system.

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