v4 bugfix update released!

As of right now, the v4.0 bugfix update is out. As per usual, use any vendorĀ“s redelivery function to obtain the new bits.

The fixes can be seen in my previous post if you want details. Mostly, some smaller issues were fixed pertaining to single bits, the overarcing fixes that affect all models are as follows:

  • Emitter prims will now save correctly. Previously, they were filtered erroneously in the “save mods” function.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by a function in the prim positioner. This fixes stack heap collision errors when modding.
  • Fixed sculpts accidentally displaying as torii in certain conditions. This also fixes some modding related problems
  • Fixed the sculpt handler not registering new prims proper
  • Fixed the sculpt handler not handling copy statements in the sculpt notecard correctly

If any other bugs crop up, let me know, and I will see about fixing them.


  1. Is it just me, or was the 4.0 original canine done sloppily? The 3.0 models looked so much better and transitions between states looked better too.

    the new 4.0 looks very nice, but I guess I gotta keep my 3.0 for the classic canine =/

    Also, the prims dont seem to line up properly on classic canine 4.0. If a dev wants me to show them ingame, my ingame is MilesCadre Shelman

    Great products, just voicing my opinion on the original canine ^^

  2. Is there a fix for the invisiprim inside the gaping vag not rendering anymore? I have bare fur/skin showing within the petals now when it’s open.

    1. That might have to do with your viewer. If you have the shadows enabled, invisiprims stop working. Im not sure what to do about this just yet, but I will look into it

  3. It’s not really a bug, per say. But my friend bought one of your standard vagina’s and it has not been delivered to her. We check in day after day to make sure it’s still not gone through. On the Redeliver button, it hasn’t registered her purchase. On her SL homepage it shows the purchase being made, as well as I watched her buy it myself (though that isn’t as hard evidence as the others.) I’ve left a note with you, and a few IM’s, as well as I believe she left a note and an IM. But for now, she has spent money on your product and gotten no product in return. It has been this way for a few days now, and I would much appreciate hearing back on it. Undelivered purchases can be a huge detriment if they go unlooked.

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