PsiCorp Dragon avatars – coming this weekend!

Yes folks, the wait is over šŸ˜€ – after months and months, the dragons are done, packaged up, and ready to be put into your hands starting this Saturday. First of all, let’s do a quick rundown about what they can do:

  • You get both a dynamic material version in your box, as well as a full duplicate with pre-rendered textures and the SL body
  • Script use is extremely low. 10 scripts only, and around 160kb of memory, so very little indeed!
  • There are 15 standard colors, most based off of precious gems and metals
  • For the shiny lovers, 10 latex versions. Full black and full white, and a black + color assortment
  • Also, two special editions, with their own unique set of textures. Fire and Ice, these come as materials only, built to show off the things you can do with materials!
  • Of course, male and female versions come in the same box, and for the materials version, you get an androgynous body option as well
  • Furthermore, the avatarsĀ come with a set of hair and head jewelry
  • Also included are a texture applier as well as the required textures to make a matching look for the PsiCorp or other lolas compatible breasts
  • The av comes with a handy unpacker that makes it easy for you to get the av of your choice, aka male/female or materials/non-materials
  • Lastly, the PsiCorp dragon bits have been updated with scaly texture options to match

Now for the money part! Each av will be priced at 1.200 L$, including the special editions. They are new products, not an upgrade of the old dragons, but I will look into the possibility of offering one-off discounts to the owners of old dragon avs. A direct upgrade however isn’t possible for multiple reasons.

So when can you get them? Come join the party at YIFF this Saturday at 2pm SL time! From that point on out, they’ll be available from any PsiCorp vendor and on the marketplace.

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  1. Is it possible to get te escaled texture in an applier to match the dragon bits? I bought the fire dragon but my boy bits dont look right without the correct texture. I cant seem to get the bulge to texture at all, either.

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