Shark Bits Ad

It’s that time again folks! New bits for the masses~

So what shinies are in this release? Let me tell you!

  • Sharks – yes, finally official PsiCorp shark bits! Two versions too, one more fantasy based doublecock in a slit, and one true-to-life clasper version as seen on actual sharks
  • Hyena – male and female both, yes, that means pseudophallus for female hyenas if you want it!
  • Kangaroo – something long untouched, now done up in mesh, built just like the real deal
  • Cloaca – for those avians and scalies who want something accurate. Vagina and tailhole in one object basically

So when can you get it? This saturday, October 11th, at 2pm SL time. I’ll be hosting a release event over at YIFF, so come along and party, there will be raffles again, too 😀