An update on vendors, redeliveries and moving

So the last few weeks have been turbulent, with purchases failing, redeliveries being out of order, and generally quite a mess.
The simple reason behind that was that the company hosting my database – basically everything that ties together the deliveries and vendors in-world and keeps track of your purchases – decided to move my site to a new server and they made a royal mess of it. On top of it, their support chose not to respond to tickets and a lot of other bad things, hence why we are undertaking – and have completed – a few changes.

Most notably, we now are powered by Caspervend, meaning a much more reliable experience and more features for you to enjoy. By now, all purchase data has been brought over to their system as well, and all vendors, marketplace included, will from now on show up in their system.
This comes with a few benefits, such as a great back-end for me to work with and manage my products etc, as well as the ability for you guys to buy gifts in-store now. Additionally, the system keeps track of double purchases and refunds them automatically, and in the event of my delivery boxes not being available, keeps trying until they work again (mostly during sim reboot season) or refunds you. This should all result in less trouble for both you and me.

However, this also means that the bits HUD redelivery function is currently NOT working. We are working on a fix for this, to tie it into the caspervend system. Until then however, you have to use any of my vendors inworld to access that page.

Which brings me to the last important bit of info:
The main store has moved! That’s right, we are no longer in MF Industries, in fact, that sim is no longer existing. All is well though, the store is still alive and well, just like before. Please use this SLURL to find it, you can either click it, or better yet, paste it into your SL chat bar and click the green link that pops up after you hit enter!

Lastly, one more bit of important information. We also are using a new helpdesk, please use for all support related questions, manuals etc.
The plan is to provide you with an update containing fixed HUDs and correct manual URLs as soon as we can! Keep an eye on the blog, I’ll post about it once everything is ready.

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