So the last few weeks have been turbulent, with purchases failing, redeliveries being out of order, and generally quite a mess.
The simple reason behind that was that the company hosting my database – basically everything that ties together the deliveries and vendors in-world and keeps track of your purchases – decided to move my site to a new server and they made a royal mess of it. On top of it, their support chose not to respond to tickets and a lot of other bad things, hence why we are undertaking – and have completed – a few changes.

Most notably, we now are powered by Caspervend, meaning a much more reliable experience and more features for you to enjoy. By now, all purchase data has been brought over to their system as well, and all vendors, marketplace included, will from now on show up in their system.
This comes with a few benefits, such as a great back-end for me to work with and manage my products etc, as well as the ability for you guys to buy gifts in-store now. Additionally, the system keeps track of double purchases and refunds them automatically, and in the event of my delivery boxes not being available, keeps trying until they work again (mostly during sim reboot season) or refunds you. This should all result in less trouble for both you and me.

However, this also means that the bits HUD redelivery function is currently NOT working. We are working on a fix for this, to tie it into the caspervend system. Until then however, you have to use any of my vendors inworld to access that page.

Which brings me to the last important bit of info:
The main store has moved! That’s right, we are no longer in MF Industries, in fact, that sim is no longer existing. All is well though, the store is still alive and well, just like before. Please use this SLURL to find it, you can either click it, or better yet, paste it into your SL chat bar and click the green link that pops up after you hit enter!

Lastly, one more bit of important information. We also are using a new helpdesk, please use for all support related questions, manuals etc.
The plan is to provide you with an update containing fixed HUDs and correct manual URLs as soon as we can! Keep an eye on the blog, I’ll post about it once everything is ready.

Bear Ad GYC 1

Bear Ad GYC 2
After many months of silence, I’m proud to announce that a new avatar is completed and ready to get into your hands! For all the bears out there in SL or those fancying having a bear avatar, PsiCorp will soon release a full mesh based avatar. We paid special attention to getting the unique build of bears right, so rather than relying on SL’s default shape, I built a complete body from scratch which really captures the bulkiness that these creatures possess, the combination between muscle mass and body fat.
Of course, the entire setup is powered by fitted mesh; in short, you can edit the shape to your liking. Want more gut? No problem. Thicker arms? We’ve got it covered. Butt reduction? Sure thing.

But wait, there’s more! Since many bears tend to be really tall and stand out above the crowd, I included an alternate version that comes in at 150% the size, giving you a far greater range of heights to work with. So if you want to be a colossal, hulking figure, you can be! It goes without saying that these options come for both the male and the female versions, both of which come with a uniquely made body mesh.

But will I have to run around naked, you may ask. The answer to that is no! For the first time, I also built a custom made set of clothing, so you don’t have to walk around in the buff all the time. Of course if that’s what you want, that’s your thing. But if you do fancy being clothed at times, you can pick between a couple of texture alternatives for each outfit, and better yet, every piece of clothing comes with various states of undress!

The whole package is also very script efficient – you won’t find any lag here! For those technically minded, the nude avatar clocks in at below 128 kilobytes of memory, a far cry from the several megabyte big avatars you tend to see around. Clothing only adds a handful of kb as well, and script time is kept at a constant low. Special care was also taken to keep the amount of textures low, while at the same time keeping the quality high, so you have a nice and crisp rendition of every strand of fur, with the materials on each part really bringing out the detail.

Last but not least, the good old bear bits will get a full overhaul and will get the mesh and materials treatment as well! There will be textures made to match each of the species at release, and owners of the previous set will be eligible to update their bits free of charge, as always.
Speaking of species, the five variations will be American Black Bear, Grizzly, Kodiak, Polar bear, and as a special treat, Pandas! Each package will cost 1200L$ for a box full of goodies, clothing, XL versions etc included!

So be sure to join us on the 17th this month at the GYC – the party starts at 3pm, and we will once again have giveaways of some sort, and of course music and lots of fun!

Additionally we will host another little event at good old Yiff Factory on Sunday the 18th at noon SLT – this will be a small event, but once again music, partying and good times 😀

Lastly, a bit of news. We recently upgraded our vendor system from a custom solution to Caspervend, since my web host has created a lot of problems for me in the past months. Due to this, we had a lot of hiccups during their downtimes and during the migration period.
For redeliveries, please use any vendor terminal to access the caspervend redelivery page. Redelivery by HUD is currently not functioning, but we strive to provide you all with a global update to rectify those issues, so please bear with us while we work on this.

In good news, the new system is a lot more reliable and won’t lose purchases anymore or eat your money. If deliveries can’t be made, you will be refunded, and if you attempt to purchase products you already own, you likewise get your money back. And as a bonus, you are now able to gift purchases from any vendor!

Once again, I will be attending Eurofurence this year. Thus, support will be slow in some cases, until the 25th when I will return.

For anyone attending the convention as well, feel free to say hi when you see me, I’m generally approachable and talkative, and oftentimes don’t have much to do.

That already sums it up folks 😀 – either see you at the con, or next week!

Now that v5.0 is out there and selling, and that both release events are over with and went well, I figured I’d recap the whole thing a little and also put a little Q&A up here for a few popular questions that came up recently. So first of all, let me say that so far it was a huge success, and I’m excited to see how the products will do in the long run. More stuff will be on the way shortly, I already have ideas for more releases, possibly even before the year is over, but we shall see ;D

Without further ranting, have a bit of a FAQ here:

Q: My purchases are missing from the redelivery page!

A: This is because of an old marketplace related bug that affects a lot of people who purchased there around 2012 until the first half of 2013, roughly. If you find something missing, please either leave me an IM with the products you bought and I’ll refund you for them so you can re-buy the v5.0 version. Alternately, file a support ticket via and I will set a manual redelivery through the marketplace for you.

Q: I discovered a bug, what  do I do?

A: Please file a report via and I will get back to you. This helps me keep track of open issues, so I can see whether something is reproducible or whether it is something we can fix on your end. Be sure to include details if you can, such as the name of the product(s) affected and steps to reproduce the issue.

Q: Where are the manuals for the breasts and fertility HUD?

A: Scheduled to be written today actually. Release was a stress filled time, and I needed sunday to wind down a bit. However, by today (or tomorrow tops, if something comes up) you can expect to see the manuals and tutorials updated for v5.0 etc

Q: Do I NEED a fertility HUD to partake in pregnancy play?

A: Only if you want to become pregnant or want to give/receive oviposition. The PsiCorp Bits HUD that comes with all v5.0 bits includes a basic fertility HUD option including some male functions. This is enough to have fun with people wearing the fertility HUDs, without having to buy the full one.

Q: My bits HUD is missing a female option!

A: This is because you most likely have the regular bits HUD that came with your bits purchase. It only includes the basic male side of things, and as such doesn’t allow you to become pregnant.

Q: So.. multiboobs?

A: Confirmed as a future release. I’m waiting on “Project fitted mesh” by LL so I can create a set of rigged multiboobs that will fit your body settings. I tried a non-rigged set, but frankly, it didn’t have the quality I wanted, so I will create a rigged set once this project has been implemented.

Q: My HUD sometimes doesn’t recognize bits right or has stale bits listed

A: This is something I’ll be looking into. If the listings are incorrect, please open the settings menu and click the “request -> attached” button. This will correctly clear stale bits and recognize attached ones.

Q: I don’t get how texture appliers work

A: Check the knowledge base. The articles on applying custom textures have been rewritten to cover the use of appliers now, and it’s not that hard 😀

Q: I want to make something using the CCS API. What do I need to know?

A: First of all, there are no licensing deals, fees, or whatnot involved. Simply start making stuff and have fun! Also, be sure to give the documentation a read, it covers all the functions you may use:

Q: I made something using the CCS API! What now?

A: You can offer it for free, sell it, use it, whatever you like 😀 – and if you made something cool, do pass me an IM, if I like it, I might just throw a little notification up on the blog, or we can see about getting an affiliate vendor set up in the main store!


v5 Bits release

Yes, time for a full on update once again folks 😀 – took me quite a long while this time around, but I
finally have everything at a point where I can get it out and into your hands.
Of course, I would bet you all are quite eager to hear a little more about what actually is in this release, so I’ll get right to it. Here’s a brief introduction of what all you can look forward to:

  • A large round of bugfixing. Check the changelog further down, I took care of a lot of both general bugs and ones that only affected specific bits. Yes, the dragon color change bug is gone now!
    I did a lot of extensive testing for this, so there should be significantly less bugs now compared to v4/v4.1. Also, modding got cleaned up a bit and is now making more sense and more stable.
  • An all new bits HUD! I basically rewrote it from the bottom up, and it uses only about 1/10th the prim count of the old one, and was optimized and cleaned up a lot. So enjoy a prettier and much more responsive HUD with v5. Among other things, you now can control up to 5 bits of any type, even if they are the same type. So double-cock users rejoice! Furthermore, you may now scale bits via the HUD (yes even those linked in a herm set), so making adjustments doesn’t require edit mode any longer now for most things. And as extra goodie, you can now access the redelivery page from the HUD! So update from anywhere from now on.
  • Texture appliers! People who are familiar with the Lolas Tango tits are going to know how this works. Pop a texture in, click it, and texture appears on tits. Except mine not only work with Tango tits, but also with my own. And all my other bits. So no more notecard fussing, and an easy way to market your custom cock/etc textures safely.
  • Mesh boobs! Yes, those were a long time coming, but now they are here. And not just one set, but a whole four of them! Different sizes and shapes should make it easy to pick a set that suits your mood and fits your character. Whether you like big boobs, or want something for the more mature ladies or just want smaller and perky, there is something for you now. And lining up your avatar texture is easier than ever, thanks to the simple appliers that do the job for you as long as you have the texture on hand. And before you ask, yes, I will definitely deliver multiboobs. But since I like delivering quality, they will be a rigged mesh product once “project fitted mesh” is released. That way I can ensure that your lovely six-pack will move with your body properly and conform to your shape as it should!
  • A pregnancy HUD! Yes, no more mama allpa or human focused or restraining HUDs. This is for the roleplayers and for the people who just sometimes want realism to be optional. And for all those who want their species and gender reflected by this system. So yes, I support herms, shemales, cuntbois and the works. And any species you want. Configure your cycle settings, how many offspring you get, even multi-pregnancy is in. Oh, and oviposition, too. And yes, you can do oviposition on people who usually can’t get pregnant, as long as they have a HUD. As a bonus, while the full pregnancy HUD is sold on it’s own (think of it as a heavily upgraded bits HUD), the default bits HUD now comes with a basic, male only menu. So you won’t have to make your desired partners buy a HUD first before you can get into some fun time either.
  • A bondage and control API! This was again often requested, and I delivered. The CCS API is a safe, secure way to relinquish control of your bits – and pregnancy HUD! – to other people. Or things. Like tentacle playsets. Yes. And for those people who noticed the pregnancy HUD tie-in, yes that means you can force insemination and oviposition, so RLV-based fun can now result in some more long-term repercussions if that’s your thing. Of course, you can set varying levels of privacy for the API, as well as turn it off completely if that’s not your thing. Additionally, the API is fully documented for anyone to work with, so if you want to include it in your toys, there is no licensing or anything! See the link further down for the full documentation.
  • A promise of things to come! More releases are scheduled for december, as well as for the coming year. Among other things, a new gas mask, as well as a new avatar later on in early 2014, using materials as well. Basically expect a rebirth of an old favorite on that one. Also some reworked cock models as well as a few all-new designs. Dragons should look forward to these coming months, but there will be fun for other people and species as well!


So that sums that up quite nicely I  believe. With that said,there is of course the release party info. I will once again be giving out some L$ and some bits, so be sure to show up at the events to get a nice chance at those prizes! Of course, come and have some fun as well! Release dates and times are as follows:

  • November 30th at 2pm SL time at Sharkfins club
  • December 1st at 2pm SL time at YIFF

Check the PsiCorp Customers group for announcements, I will be passing around landmarks before the events again, as usual!


So in additional info, two more things. First of all, some special thanks for special people:

  • My mate of course, for being there and putting up with me being in a less than good mood after some long and stressful days
  • My super close friend Dae, who served as lead tester during development, and who was there near every day to poke at things and break them so I can get it just right
  • Mitchy, an awesome husky, who helped me set up a support system and did an awesome job at refurbishing my back-end systems

That said, here are the respective links that were mentioned above:

So, a lot of ground to cover in this news update, so I best get started.

First of all, a big thank you for everyone who completed the survey about the bits HUD. The info really helped me get ideas, and confirm a few thoughts I had as for what people might want. I might do things like this again in the future when I write other big feature things, since this has proven to be a very nice way to find out what people like.

That said, some points of information about the results that stood out to me:

  • People generally seemed in favor of a pregnancy system
  • Out of those, the majority would be willing to purchase it separately, the general suggested price point was between 2-900 L$
  • A lot of people wanted support for their species and/or gender
  • Most people considered a low-lag system to be important
  • Also quite a few considered the poseball animation system quite useful
  • For the master/pet control system, most people wanted a HUD-Tie-in or both that as well as plugin scripts

With that said, let me move on to talk about the two things I’ve been working on the last two weeks: The fertility system and CCS.

Firstly, what is the fertility system about? Basically, pregnancy of various forms. And given the input I received and the plans I had for it, I had a very clear vision as for what its role was among other systems. I wanted something that is tailored to the world of roleplayers, where reality can be bent, and where most anything can be tweaked to someone’s preference. Basically a system for /you/, not just for your generic male/female coupling.
After some thinking, I decided that yes, selling it separately for the pregnancy options will be the best course of action. I poured a lot of work into it, and I think I’ve really got something fun here. I’m still deciding on the price, but expect it to be between 500 and 750 L$ when it launches.
So without any more ranting, here’s a feature overview:

  • Support for seven genders plus a custom option. This means all those herms, shemales, futanari etc can have a HUD that reflects their gender. And if your gender is something really unique, the custom option has you covered.
  • The gender of your children is influenced by the gender of the parents. Yes, all seven supported. This means you can have herm kids etc, or even kids of that custom gender you or your partner has
  • Support for any species, again with some pre-set names and custom options
  • Support for hybrid children if you so choose
  • Multi-pregnancy! Are you a character who is able to become pregnant multiple times at the same time? Again, this HUD has got you covered.
  • Custom cycle lengths. While setting up, you will be asked your desired cycle length for fertile and in-fertile phase, supporting anything from minutes to months
  • Custom everything! Not only cycle lengths, but also fertility settings, the length of your pregnancy, your average clutch/litter/what have you size. Everything can be chosen freely.
  • A “check area” event. Looking to find some fun and want to breed someone? This will tell you who in the room is in heat, or pregnant, or just wanting some. And don’t worry ladies, there is a privacy mode against snoopers.
  • Oviposition support! Yes you heard right. If you like laying eggs in people, you can now do so. Even if that person can’t even get pregnant! The system will still record it for them to see
  • Details! Cum inside your partner while wearing a condom, or receive small fertility chance bonuses if you have a knot, flare, or barbs
  • Mutual partner adding, so if you want to do a nice herm on herm session or similar and flip the tables, you only need to add once and can breed each other.
  • Multiple partner support! Have up to 12 concurrent active partners, add and remove them with ease.
  • Orgy support! Want to have fun with multiple people to make it more random who the father could be? Yep, thats possible.
  • BSDM support via the CCS API. Tons of possibilities! Build tentacle playsets that perform oviposition, force-impregnate people, or lock down your sub to automatically accept any partner requests, or put them in chastity instead
  • Low impact! The whole fertility package only adds 2 scripts to the HUD
  • Inclusive instead of exclusive! The basic male options will come with the standard psicorp bits HUD!

Now about the CCS API. I bet by now you’ve been wondering what the heck that is, right?
Well, let me sum it up. CCS stands for the Chastity & Control System, which is a fancy term for a series of scripting hooks that have been built into the pregnancy HUD as well as the naughty parts.

So.. what can you do with them? This:

  • Make chastity belts that disallow the wearer to control their own bits, or that prevent people from using the pregnancy system
  • Make collar plugins for opencollar and other systems, that allow the dom to take over control of the sub’s bits
  • Build bondage furniture or monster/tentacle play-sets that can interact with someone’s bits, modify arousal, or impregnate someone
  • Create toys that lock down the states of your bits, like a dildo that automatically modifies your tailhole/vagina while you use it
  • Modify the wearers arousal, make them cum, etc. Great for things like TiS plugins or lots of other stuff!
  • A lot of other things. The functions allow for a lot of control,  so be creative! I will be releasing a sampling of objects using CCS along with the v5.0 release

This covers most of the features right there. I hope you all like what I came up with; I certainly had a lot of fun thinking it all up and making it work. This brings me to the next part, the closed beta.

Basically, with something so big as the pregnancy system, I want some more eyes on the project. I had a dear friend sit with me for those 2 weeks, working through every function to make sure the bugs were taken care of, and now that everything appears to be in order, I want a handful of people to give it some more testing. To tell me whether it’s responsive enough, easy enough to understand, and whether the settings and probabilities feel right to you. I’m also open for other feedback, and will implement that as I can.

Now what am I looking for, as far as beta testers go?
Generally, I want someone who is willing to put a little time to the task, try it out with other people,  or to just run it through the paces using the included tester objects. Someone who is up for running multiple tests, trying out different settings, seeing if anything breaks or feels off. And someone who gives me feedback, who tells me if something breaks, and even better, how they managed to break it so that I can fix it. And someone who understands that this is a beta, so some things may be subject to change. If something breaks or generally is bad, complain to me please, not your friends. I’m here to make it better after all.
What I’m NOT after is someone who just uses the HUD for personal pleasure and never once talks to me about it.

So.. what’s in it for you?
Well, all of you who participate will receive the final build for free! Also, I may include some of the CCS stuff I will be making in as well, possible some more, on  a case by case basis. So if that caught your interest, and if you want to tinker with this new system, please drop me a notecard or an IM for an application, and I’ll consider you!


Well, that was quite a wall of text, but this concludes this update. While the beta runs, I will be working on new stuff (boobs, CCS features) and will keep you posted on that as I make it happen!

So I’ve been quiet for a while longer, but work on v5.0 has been coming along nicely. I’ve been knocking out a lot of code, and improving a lot of things, as well as adding features as I go along. So I think once it’s all done, it should be really awesome 😀 – also squashed many bugs, especially modding related, and gave everything a thorough testing, so various annoyances that were reported to me should now be gone with the new scripts.

I’ll go into more detail about the enhancements very soon, once things are being tidied up for a proper release. Then I’ll also give you a full overview of what exactly you can expect from me. But rest assured, new products are happening along with the script release, and I’m going to talk more about just what that will be pretty soon!

For now, I have a little thing to ask of you all, namely to share your thoughts with me. I created a little survey on my work, and a few features especially, and would like to hear what you think about them. So please go ahead and fill out my survey here, and ideally, be sure to pass the link around, so I can get a nice, big set of data that I can dig into and find out what you guys want 😀

As of two days ago, the PsiCorp Market Place store is finally running on direct delivery. This means the following for you:

  • No more delivery outages, should MF Industries be restarting/down while you buy
  • More reliable deliveries
  • More reliable database entries of your purchases, since I now have a new reporting system for DD
  • All your items now come unboxed, in your received items folder
  • Any and all mistakes have been fixed, I went and fixed any products that had the wrong graphics while I was at it, back from the big marketplace hiccup


In other news, I still am very much alive, and still have big plans. A lot of my time has been eaten up by helping an SL game project (which is VERY fun by the way!), but I still have plans. Boobs are still very much my top priority in the medium term, and in the short term, expect some more cock releases while I get more time to work on them. I still have big avatar plans as well, and if you have been following the SL tech news, you know that materials are being beta tested now. Those, together with slider deforms for mesh bodies, are the two key techs I want to use for all my new avatars, because you can do some fricken amazing stuff with them 😀

So be patient everyone, I’m far from dead or bored of PsiCorp, and I have plans 😀

So as usual, there has been a lot of silence, but I haven’t been lazy though!

Firstly, let me tell you, the main cause for the silence is my helping with a game project here in SL, I can’t talk any details about it, but it has taken up a lot of my time, but will hopefully be a very rewarding experience, so far it’s very fun to help them with the LSL side of things. I am of course still working on new things, albeit at a slower pace right now.

In more psicorp related news, I am slowly making the transition to mesh, using it more and more, and am working on the v4.1 scriptset as of late. Besides the option to support mesh objects now, I also added/fixed the following things:

  • Added support for multiple sides per object – this mostly comes into play with mesh
  • Added a function that will set default tilt on attach and on setting the bits to soft/hidden state
  • Added notecard support for multiple textured sides per object
  • Scripts now report their name, index and free memory upon starting up
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a position/texture script could result in a math error crash
  • Fixed a bug – hopefully – where objects would save incorrectly or not at all
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated scripts would not correctly find out whether they had the highest script index
  • Fixed a lot of code duplication, this made the scripts smaller by about 10% in some cases and a bit easier to maintain

The update will initially be rolled out on the upcoming mesh horse cock – yes you read right, more on that in a second –  but will then be rolled out to all v4 bits shortly after release. As usual, updates to v4.1 will be free for everyone.

Now. Horse cocks.
You read right, I’m working on a mesh based horse cock, since my first attempt is years old. The new one will somewhat resemble the old, but will be mesh, and come in a box of two variations. One will be the full-sized stallion one, the other will be a smaller, “pony” (no, not MLP, but if you want to stick it on an av, who am I to judge? I Just make the bits) version, which is notably shorter and girthier in comparison. The pack will be sold as new product, for 500L$ for the two cocks.

Keep an eye on this blog as usual, I’ll be posting updates as they happen. I will use mesh heavily in the future, and possibly branch out into other accessory kinds, time will tell! Also new avatars will definitely happen, but I’m waiting for some exciting LL-side technology to go live first.

Now that v4.0 is out there, I’ve got to say it went remarkably well. All the new features are taken up very nicely, and while – due to the large audience – some bugs showed up, the amount is little and the fixes are quick to do, no large systemic faults really.
This brings me to the important part of this post, the known issue list. Please report to me – via IM or notecard – if you find any bugs related to v4, and I will see to fixing them before releasing a bugfix update later this week.

  • Issue: The Positioner script crashes when saving/modding prims.
    This has been fixed. One of the functions accidentally caused a memory leak, which caused the script to eventually run out and crash. Positioner scripts now will not crash anymore and will start with more memory left to boot, due to optimizations, and possibly run a small bit faster since I’ve gone and done further tweaks where possible.
  • Issue: The emitter prims don’t save position when modding them.
    Also fixed, a tag check in the “save mods” function was missing, so “emitter” tagged prims were filtered from being saved, ever. Oops.
  • Issue: The dragon penis does not recolor properly sometimes.
    UPDATE: I saw it happen, but it stopped happening once i tried to debug it. For now, reset the first texture handler a few times, that somehow fixes it. If i can find out why it happens, I will fix it proper. Right now its just very random on the same script, with no lead as to what could cause it, since debug runs always turn out without errors.
  • Issue: The bear penis´ cum effect does not play
    UPDATE: Fixed now. As I thought, I forgot to edit the emitter descriptions correctly. Will be shipped when the update hits the servers later this week.
  • Issue: The mini vendors in the main store aren’t functioning/delivering items
    UPDATE: This issue has been fixed now, mini vendors are working fine
  • Issue: The Anthro Penis has some wrong prims. Uncut may be cut, a cut may be uncut and so forth.
    UPDATE: Fixed missing foreskin, fixed condom turning into torus. Looked over them all, they work right now
  • Issue: Barbs on the Natural Feline Penis are partly flipped
    This has been fixed, sculpt flags were set incorrectly. Added inverter flag where needed.

Again, if you have any other issues to report, please tell me and I will put them up here for everyone to see. I will also update this list as I fix things, so you can see what I’m doing. Ill announce when everything will be deployed, since I want to wait about until the end of the week, so I can catch any other potential bugs before re-packaging things. This particularly goes for bugs that might affect every model, or most of them, like the memory/emitter saving bug.


Lastly, lets talk a little about what comes next. I still have big plans, and obviously, there will be more bits coming soon. Though other projects will be released first. The PsiCorp breasts for instance, will come very soon, and WILL come as a mesh only product to improve quality. After the KG1 Gasmask, this is  our first big mesh product for the adult market, and Im looking forward to see the resonance. Now that Phoenix will get mesh support a little ways down the road, there really isn’t any reason to hold back with the awesome technology that mesh is.
Furthermore, a mesh-based avatar is in the works, and will be announced in the coming weeks as I return to working on it. And lastly, there are some other, smaller projects I will release before long, probably before the end of the year, as an in-between, since i wanted to do some of them for a long time.

Thats all from me for now. As always, be sure to let people know about this post, so I can catch any other bugs on the loose out there and publish them here/fix them. And of course, Im always eager to hear feedback, about the scripting changes, and about the new models that came out 😀