Soo after a lil private project time, Im back and have something for all the gryphs/avians out there.
Check out the pic below for just how the new bit looks like, and feel free to post your feedback here!

Shape wise, I diverted a bit from the classic “zeta toys” gryphon look and added some slight ridges, as well as a slightly modified head shape. This gives it a slightly draconian influence, and overall creates a quite interesting look, which has the nice side effect of offering an alternative for those scalies that were asking for a sheathed/knotted version of the dragon, which I hereby also deliver 🙂

I figure I’ve kept this secret for long enough, so heres the news for everyone to read:
My next upcoming avatar will be German Shepherds!

Ive got the first one almost finished, and am currently ironing out the last glitches with it, as well as preparing to give it facial expressions, just like the fox had them. So far I’m very happy with the outcome of the project, and it’s certainly showing improvements over the fox, in my eyes. Work is going a lot smoother, now that I sorted out the organizational issues of building an avatar, so my workspace is a lot cleaner than it used to be.

Though see for yourself, here’s a preview picture for you guys, spread it around if you like, and leave some feedback!

If you’re curious about when to expect this to hit the stores, all I can say is “when its done.” ™. But rest assured that there will be more previews of the other colors, as well as a nice, closer look at the facial expression system.

Surprise for all whales and dolphins out there! Tonight at 6pm SLT, come join us at The Ark for a joint release of both ITFE´s Orca avatar and PsiCorp´s release of the Cetacean Penis!

And if you recently obtained one of AXs or Aventity´s shark avatars, and still wondering what set of bits you should pick, the Cetacean is a safe choice for you as well. Why you may ask, sharks arent Cetaceans? Well, shark penises currently are an unlikely candidate for a product line, mostly because of their design. They are integrated into a shark´s dorsal fins, and very unsuitable for a conversion to anthro bits. Im not excluding them for a future release, but right now it wont be anytime soon, unless I have a fitting design 🙂 – Check google if you like to see for yourself how they are designed!

In other news, for those waiting eagerly for the JG1 Gasmask series:
A release is planned for the 13th, I will update as soon as I have a confirmed date and details about the event, so stay tuned!

So, now that the new year has come, and ive been silent for a while, what has actually been going on?

So far, the server move has yet to happen, the biggest issue is finding a day where I have enough time and my vendor tech is available as well. Its still right at the top of my list though, dont worry!

As far as other future projects go, I can now make two definite announcements:

  • I will be shortly releasing the official Sergal bits, male, female and herm versions. Trancy Mick herself has given permission for these, and Ill stick as close to the original design as I can. It will actually entail some custom scripting to make it happen, but I definitely plan to make this awesome!
  • I will release something for the humans out there (and very likely, the furs too, if I can make it happen!) – has approached me to become their exclusive distributor in SecondLife, and I’m more than happy to visualize their really awesome creations for SL. The first model will be the JG1, which I have decided to offer in all standard variations, along with a few other nifty gimmicks.
  • Lastly, and this is still a bit of a secret, expect something shiny and sleek coming for all those foxes and rubber lovers out there 😀

So that wraps up the quick look at future projects. Stay tuned for more news, and spread the word 😀

Yep, after a long while, Ill finally give you guys another glimpse of what the fox avatar will look like!

Work has been going steadily, sometimes slowly, but Ive been learning a great deal about making avatars and all, and I feel it definitely surpasses my dragon in overall quality. After theyre almost one year apart, no surprise really 😀

So whats left to do?

  • the tail, should be easy
  • mouth interior details
  • lower legs just aint good yet
  • hands need importing
  • hair. I dread this ._. – but Ill make it work 😀

Anyways, have some pictures!