Hey everyone!

Of course, we couldn’t just leave it at one party, so as we usually do, we lined up a second party at Sunday for anyone who either can’t make the first one or who simply can’t get enough of our events ๐Ÿ˜€

So mark it in your calendars, this Sunday at 2pm SL time over at Gunbunnies – we’ll post announcements once the date rolls around as well!

After the release of our latest update, and with many more planned in the future. PsiCorp is now testing out a series of upgrades for those of you that purchased a legacy product in the past. This program is currently only available for the following products:

  • PsiCorp Canine Penis
  • PsiCorp Canine Herm Set
  • PsiCorp Equine Penis
  • PsiCorp Equine Herm Set

If you wish to order ad upgrade, you must contact Daeshana Ikura (daeshana sapeur) within the Second Life world via Instant Message. Each upgrade costs 150 Lindens, and you will receive the mesh version of the same product. Please be patient as there is only one service member working the program at this time, and they will operate on a first come, first serve basis.

With the release of our new v6 series bits came a rush of popularity, and also a flood of little issues that people reported. So today we sat down and took care of everything that was reported thus far, releasing version 6.0.1, now available on new purchases and redeliveries.

Below are the changes included in this release:

  • Fixed an out-of-memory error that could occur in the vagina piercing script while using the scaling buttons
  • Fixed the customize menu displaying the wrong bit for customization when closing and re-opening it with multiple bits attached
  • Fixed the missing tailhole in the Sergal Herm Set box
  • Fixed the texture applier not allowing setting up tailhole textures
  • Fixed the bits HUD not displaying state buttons for 5.x series bits
  • Fixed the bits HUD not correctly updating all group buttons when attaching with no bits being worn
  • Fixed the grey shaft texture on the canine mesh penis not being accessible properly
  • Fixed the balls disappearing on the long canine mesh penis when in the “raised” state

We recommend updating if you bought a v6 bit over the weekend, since those fixes and improvements should affect all of them in some way. As always, redeliveries are available from any inworld vendor or redelivery terminal.

With the release of our v6 series bits around the corner, here’s a little info post detailing the when and where of our two release parties:

  • First event: Gay Yiffy Club (GYC) on Saturday, March 19 at 2pm SLT
  • Second event: GunBunnies on Sunday, March 20 at noon SLT

As always there will be raffles, and we’ll be around to chat you up and answer any questions you may have ๐Ÿ™‚

Furthermore, updates are available for free come Saturday, simply visit any of our Caspervend terminals inworld to access your redelivery page.

So folks, time for me to be out for a week ๐Ÿ˜€ – from friday the 29th until the 6th next month, I’ll be stateside, and as such, not reachable. So customer service questions won’t be answered by me personally until I’m back to do so, but please feel free to ask for help in chat if you have a question that applies, such as modding or updating.

Another often-requested release by PsiCorp is coming up this weekend: A series of three mesh based vaginas!
The three models in question are as follows:

  • A generic humanoid style
  • A canine spade suitable for anthros and ferals
  • A mare vagina, again suitable for anthros

Why mesh? Because they are a whole lot easier to make, and look better that way.

So where can you get them at? Join us this Saturday at 3pm SL time for a release party at YIFF!

As of right now, the v4.0 bugfix update is out. As per usual, use any vendorยดs redelivery function to obtain the new bits.

The fixes can be seen in my previous post if you want details. Mostly, some smaller issues were fixed pertaining to single bits, the overarcing fixes that affect all models are as follows:

  • Emitter prims will now save correctly. Previously, they were filtered erroneously in the “save mods” function.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by a function in the prim positioner. This fixes stack heap collision errors when modding.
  • Fixed sculpts accidentally displaying as torii in certain conditions. This also fixes some modding related problems
  • Fixed the sculpt handler not registering new prims proper
  • Fixed the sculpt handler not handling copy statements in the sculpt notecard correctly

If any other bugs crop up, let me know, and I will see about fixing them.


So, as some people from the PsiCorp Customer group could see the other day, the v4.0 release is finally happening!
This comes with a wealth of other changes, and I’ll get into some detail here:

Firstly, as of today, there is a new set of vendors operating in all locations, the old system is non-existant now. Since I entered every product into the new system, please let me know if a product delivers wrongly, or if something has the wrong price tag, etc, and I will immediately go and fix it, as well as correct your purchase.
Since I am switching to a new database entirely, the old one is in the process of being moved. This means the re-delivery feature is currently NOT yet functional, but it will become so within the next 1 or 2 days, so everyone can get their v4 updates come saturday.

Secondly, v4.0. What the heck is new? Let me outline the details quickly for you.

  • Less scripts. Penises run 5 scripts, in some cases 1-2 more, as opposed to 1 script per prim as v3 used to be. Vagina & Tailhole work off 2 scripts each now.
  • Better modding: The dreaded mod-scripts are gone, and I’ve put an all new modding system in place, which relies on chat commands, and is very simple and fast to use. I also wrote a host of tutorials for easy understanding of this system, they can be found – as all the other product infos – on the main page of http://kb.psicorp.us
  • A better HUD. It may look mostly like the v3, but it runs on less scripts, and has some extra features included, such as better particle effect control and a much improved poseball system.
  • Other features, such as the ability to control the throb effect, better custom texture support via notecards, and a cloth bulge function, which can be modded into fully animatable clothing


With all that said, when will you get your hands on this? This weekend, starting saturday, 2pm SL time!
So let’s talk about the events themselves then.

Firstly, I will be present during both events, and will be around to answer all your questions, about the new releases, and about future products or the features of v4.0.
Also, I will not only release the v4.0 update, but also several new products!

  • The New Canine penis! – Yes thats right. I am releasing an alternative to the current Canine model, with a different style and additional poses!
  • The Bear Penis – something for all you Ursines out there, built after the real thing and tweaked slightly for more visual awesomeness.
  • The Mutant Penis – this one is big, juicy, and a bit freaky. Im sure all kinds of people will like that one ๐Ÿ˜€
  • The Wildgasmasks KG1 Gasmask series – while mostly aimed at humans/humanoids, you might find those fitting you as well! NOTE: This is a MESH product, so please use a compatible viewer to enjoy it.

But wait, there’s more! We will also hold a Linden Dollar raffle at both events. There will be 3 drawings on each event, the first with a 1000L$ prize, the second will have 2500, and the final one will have a 5000L$ prize! And even if you get unlucky the first time around, there will be a second chance the next day.

So where is all that at? There are two events going on, the first will be Saturday, 2pm SLT at YIFF, the second will be Sunday, 2pm SLT at GYC. I will send out a notice with landmarks an hour or two before the event as well, and again when the event is kicking off. So spread the words and mark the date in your calendars, folks!


And lastly, another big announcement: The PsiCorp Main Store will return soon! It’s currently undergoing final construction and furnishing, and you will soon be able to shop there at your leisure again. All new releases will include a landmark to the new store as well. You will not only find all PsiCorp products spread out in a nice, art deco enviroment, but also various affiliate vendors, as well as the Gear Dragon furniture products, done by my very own mate, Murry Soothsayer.

Once the store is ready – expect this well before saturday – I will do another announcement along with a landmark for everyone.


This sums up the news for today, have fun everyone!

If youre wondering where the Fair Haven mainstore has ended up – or why a purchase has failed lately, then dont wonder any longer.

Due to renovations in Fair Haven, and Linden Labs now suddenly declaring my work to be rated Adult rather than Mature, like the year before, I am finding myself moving to a different spot.
Unfortunately, the server/xstreet magic box have been returned along with the store, so for a few minutes today, purchases will be non-functional. At the time of writing this, I am working on getting them up and running again however.

On the upside, the new store, while being a very temporary setup right now, will – once I have my new vendor system – be fleshed out into a more proper main location, with smaller kiosk vendors showing off individual products. Im also considering holo displays of the latest releases where feasible, and itll generally offer a lot more floor space for various purposes.
Until then, the new main location will be located in MF Industries, and once the preliminary setup is complete, i will distribute a landmark.

Thats probably a question a lot of people have been asking. Let me give you a quick life/work update to alleviate some of the questions.

First and foremost, I was PC-less for over a week and stuck on a laptop for the time being. I could somewhat work, and did so at the time, but not at my full potential. However there are two more reasons for the delay:

– The boobs. The scripts are ready, I’m just waiting for my collaboration partner to do the sculpts. RL issues are a cause of delay there, but I understand that RL does play a more important role, so I’m being patient. I do want the breasts to be part of the v4 core release, thus they are a reason for delay.

– The vendor. My scripter working on the system had a LOT of RL stress, and again, I respect that. The new system he is working on is required for me to release, but once that is ready, Ill be updating all my vendors and will be readying for release.

– A few lingering, elusive issues. Im working through these as we speak, but trust me, work isnt as fast as it could be after pouring half a year worth of effort into it and still discovering problems that only occur under certain circumstances, or because LL has a few bugs in code that literally cause a one in 200 failure rate, but cant go unaddressed and prompt a major rewrite in this particular case.


All said and done, I’m keeping in check with my partners in crime here, and working to get everything polished to a mirror finish. I do want this to be the masterpiece release basically, and I have big plans once the pressure of this project is finally off my shoulders. I ate’nt dead, as it reads in certain Discworld novels, and Im still here and working on this!