Due to popular request and the fact that our new canine vagina looks so much better now, as well as for consistency, we just pushed out an adjustment to the canine mesh herm set. You can now obtain version 6.0.2 from any caspervend vendor or redelivery terminal, which now includes the canine vagina instead of the standard mesh vagina.

All new purchases will of course also obtain the new version.

Hi everybody! We just released another minor patch for v6.0.1. The box versions haven’t been changed, but most notably, the HUDs have been bumped to 6.0.2.

The update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed the female poseball not working for basic HUD
  • Fixed the particle effects not working for slitted sergal penis/herm sets
  • Fixed the back-emitter on the natural feline penis facing the wrong way

As always, you may use any caspervend vendor or redelivery terminal inworld to access your redelivery page to get the updates 🙂

Due to several requests, we decided to include legacy versions of released products with each purchase of the respective items now. Legacy items are previous versions of products that received a total overhaul, such as the Dragon Penis or herm set. Some people expressed a preference of the older looks and/or handling, so now you are able to obtain them either by buying the product or, if you are an existing owner of one, by having it redelivered to you. Please keep in mind that these legacy items are provided as-is, and will receive no further updates down the line, nor are they officially supported any longer. Please use these only if you really want to use the older looks, and understand that we won’t provide customer support for legacy items, only for the current versions.

Currently, the following products ship with legacy versions:

  • Anthro Penis & Herm Set
  • Bear Penis & Herm Set
  • Dragon Penis & Herm Set
  • Sergal Penis & Herm Set

This list will expand over time as more products are overhauled, and legacy items will come as a standard courtesy option with all overhauled items.

Surprise everyone! Due to popular demand, we brought back an old favorite, the first release dragon avatars.
Of course, we didn’t just simply put them up for sale again. Instead, we went back and rescripted them entirely, so they are nice and lag free now. In fact, they come in at only about 160kb of script memory 😀 – much better than before!
Additionally, we threw in some appliers for mesh breasts as well, along with getting rid of the old invisiprims in favor of avatar alpha masks.

We also merged male and female into the same box rather than selling them separately, and all that for the low price of 400L$ 😀

Better yet, if you bought one of the old dragons in the past, you’re eligible for a free update to this new and improved version. Simply visit any of my vendors to access the redelivery page and claim your avatar 😀

Sergal Update Ad
Hot on the heels of Kinzart’s newest take on the ever-popular sergal avatars, PsiCorp is proud to announce an all-new rendition of the sergal naughty bits.
This time around, done up in 100% mesh, and with greater attention to detail, to make sure they are as close to mick’s references as can be.

The new version’s penis comes in two flavors this time, letting you choose between a sheathed or a slitted version, also including external balls for both options. Furthermore, since all new releases use materials, non-material alternatives are included as well.
The vagina has also been redone from the ground up, sculpted with much more detail, and featuring material based cum effects which look even tastier than before.

The pricing for the male and herm parts has also been adjusted, since two versions plus alternative options are included, bringing them to 500L and 900L for male / herm respectively. If you already own any of these products, you do NOT have to pay anything to update, simply get your redelivery as with any other owned product, free of charge.

To celebrate this new release, we will be having a mini event, this Saturday, 2pm SL time, at the old Yiff Factory. The venue is small, so we can only hold about 20 people, but the event was meant to be a comfy little celebration, with a little “best in sergal” giveaway for 2500L$. So drop on by and say hello, its going to be a fun little party 😀

As of now, a small bugfix has been made available to both the Otter Penis and Otter Herm set.
It addresses a problem that prevented several prims from moving, resulting in stuck particle effects and lack of condom tip, among other problems.

To obtain it, please access your redelivery page via your HUD settings page, or visit any of my vendor locations.

As of now, there is a small update available for all bits. You may use your v5 HUD’s redelivery function (settings page) to obtain the latest version, or use any of my big vendor terminals for their redelivery option.
The update mainly addresses two items:

  • Fixed autohide not working on penises, all settings should now function correctly
  • Updated all manuals to use the correct links to support.psicorp.us

If anything happens to be wrong – wrong items boxed, anything missing etc – please notify me either directly or via the support page and I will address it shortly.

As of the time of this posting, the PsiCorp Fertility HUD has been updated to version 5.0.1. I heavily recommend everybody currently using this HUD uses the redelivery/update function on either the HUD itself (check the settings page) or one of my vendors to obtain the latest version. And remember, you may simply export and re-import your current configuration as well as current pregnancies, so you may instantly transition to the fixed version even if pregnant.

Changes included in this version:

  • Fixed a bug where taking the fertility pill would prevent further cycle phases to happen. Instead, the next phase date would keep shifting into the future day by day.
  • Changed the internal timer tick to 5 minutes maximum, down from 15. This should improve user experience when using high time acceleration
  • Changed the “next phase” prediction to provide a time down to the minute rather than just a date, also to improve experience when using high time acceleration.
  • Changed the “next phase” prediction to take current time acceleration into effect, providing a correct prediction when your next fertile or infertile phase begins


So once again its time for yet another bag of goodies!

This time, I’ve revisited the breasts. Not that they are a particularly old product, but now that fitted mesh based rigging is available, I went and made them compatible with said rigging. So starting Saturday, you’ll be able to re-deliver yourself those breasts and enjoy rigged goodness. The classic, non-rigged version is also still included of course.
So what advantage does rigged mesh boobs give, you might ask? A few, really

  • They’ll fit right out of the box and be in the right spot
  • They are going to respond to your breast slider settings, so make em bigger, smaller, change how much they’ll sag etc
  • They now support avatar physics, so enjoy your bouncy breasts!

But there is more!
Ever wanted a nice set of multi-breasts but couldn’t find anything? Well, now you can have those too!
Starting Saturday, you’ll be able to buy rigged multi-breasts, which get you a set of six or a set of four in the same box. Also, if you would rather wear those teats with a different set of breasts – simple. Just unlink them, link them to any other PsiCorp breasts post-update and wear them again. Don’t even have to line them up, the rigging does that for you.
Also, there’s going to be a set of simple, low impact mesh nipples now, in case you really just want some nipples to wear on your body. These come non-rigged, so you can freely position them and scale them and all.

Lastly, for those who just want it all and want to save money, I’ll be offering a bundle at 2000L$. This includes all PsiCorp breasts and the nipples, so those 2k get you a value of 2650L$! – So if you’re looking to collect ’em all or just save money, this is the choice for you.

So when’s this going to happen? This saturday, July 19th at YIFF, at 2pm SL time. There’s going to be a party once more, and L$ or product giveaways!

Breasts Ad

So after about a week of many sold dragon avatars, it’s time to roll out a series of minor fixes. These are available as of now, so please use the redelivery function if you are affected by any of this.

  • Improved typing detection. The jaw should no longer get stuck in an animation in laggy conditions
  • Added missing voice support for the jaw animation
  • Added afk detection, the avatar will close its eyes while you are afk

Additionally, a small fix has been rolled out to the dragon bits and mesh vagina marketplace listings, fixing a missing HUD and applier in those products. This only affects marketplace products though, so if you are affected by this, simply grab a redelivery. If you bought inworld, you’re fine!


So what’s next? Well first thing is going to be a boob update. I’ll create versions using fitted mesh so you can enjoy slider resizing and jiggly avatar physics goodness. While I’m at it, I’ll add some multiboobs, as well as some rigged nipples as new products, so look forward to that. After that, I’ll work on a few new things again~ so keep an eye on the blog!