So, as some people from the PsiCorp Customer group could see the other day, the v4.0 release is finally happening!
This comes with a wealth of other changes, and I’ll get into some detail here:

Firstly, as of today, there is a new set of vendors operating in all locations, the old system is non-existant now. Since I entered every product into the new system, please let me know if a product delivers wrongly, or if something has the wrong price tag, etc, and I will immediately go and fix it, as well as correct your purchase.
Since I am switching to a new database entirely, the old one is in the process of being moved. This means the re-delivery feature is currently NOT yet functional, but it will become so within the next 1 or 2 days, so everyone can get their v4 updates come saturday.

Secondly, v4.0. What the heck is new? Let me outline the details quickly for you.

  • Less scripts. Penises run 5 scripts, in some cases 1-2 more, as opposed to 1 script per prim as v3 used to be. Vagina & Tailhole work off 2 scripts each now.
  • Better modding: The dreaded mod-scripts are gone, and I’ve put an all new modding system in place, which relies on chat commands, and is very simple and fast to use. I also wrote a host of tutorials for easy understanding of this system, they can be found – as all the other product infos – on the main page of
  • A better HUD. It may look mostly like the v3, but it runs on less scripts, and has some extra features included, such as better particle effect control and a much improved poseball system.
  • Other features, such as the ability to control the throb effect, better custom texture support via notecards, and a cloth bulge function, which can be modded into fully animatable clothing


With all that said, when will you get your hands on this? This weekend, starting saturday, 2pm SL time!
So let’s talk about the events themselves then.

Firstly, I will be present during both events, and will be around to answer all your questions, about the new releases, and about future products or the features of v4.0.
Also, I will not only release the v4.0 update, but also several new products!

  • The New Canine penis! – Yes thats right. I am releasing an alternative to the current Canine model, with a different style and additional poses!
  • The Bear Penis – something for all you Ursines out there, built after the real thing and tweaked slightly for more visual awesomeness.
  • The Mutant Penis – this one is big, juicy, and a bit freaky. Im sure all kinds of people will like that one 😀
  • The Wildgasmasks KG1 Gasmask series – while mostly aimed at humans/humanoids, you might find those fitting you as well! NOTE: This is a MESH product, so please use a compatible viewer to enjoy it.

But wait, there’s more! We will also hold a Linden Dollar raffle at both events. There will be 3 drawings on each event, the first with a 1000L$ prize, the second will have 2500, and the final one will have a 5000L$ prize! And even if you get unlucky the first time around, there will be a second chance the next day.

So where is all that at? There are two events going on, the first will be Saturday, 2pm SLT at YIFF, the second will be Sunday, 2pm SLT at GYC. I will send out a notice with landmarks an hour or two before the event as well, and again when the event is kicking off. So spread the words and mark the date in your calendars, folks!


And lastly, another big announcement: The PsiCorp Main Store will return soon! It’s currently undergoing final construction and furnishing, and you will soon be able to shop there at your leisure again. All new releases will include a landmark to the new store as well. You will not only find all PsiCorp products spread out in a nice, art deco enviroment, but also various affiliate vendors, as well as the Gear Dragon furniture products, done by my very own mate, Murry Soothsayer.

Once the store is ready – expect this well before saturday – I will do another announcement along with a landmark for everyone.


This sums up the news for today, have fun everyone!

If youre wondering where the Fair Haven mainstore has ended up – or why a purchase has failed lately, then dont wonder any longer.

Due to renovations in Fair Haven, and Linden Labs now suddenly declaring my work to be rated Adult rather than Mature, like the year before, I am finding myself moving to a different spot.
Unfortunately, the server/xstreet magic box have been returned along with the store, so for a few minutes today, purchases will be non-functional. At the time of writing this, I am working on getting them up and running again however.

On the upside, the new store, while being a very temporary setup right now, will – once I have my new vendor system – be fleshed out into a more proper main location, with smaller kiosk vendors showing off individual products. Im also considering holo displays of the latest releases where feasible, and itll generally offer a lot more floor space for various purposes.
Until then, the new main location will be located in MF Industries, and once the preliminary setup is complete, i will distribute a landmark.

Thats probably a question a lot of people have been asking. Let me give you a quick life/work update to alleviate some of the questions.

First and foremost, I was PC-less for over a week and stuck on a laptop for the time being. I could somewhat work, and did so at the time, but not at my full potential. However there are two more reasons for the delay:

– The boobs. The scripts are ready, I’m just waiting for my collaboration partner to do the sculpts. RL issues are a cause of delay there, but I understand that RL does play a more important role, so I’m being patient. I do want the breasts to be part of the v4 core release, thus they are a reason for delay.

– The vendor. My scripter working on the system had a LOT of RL stress, and again, I respect that. The new system he is working on is required for me to release, but once that is ready, Ill be updating all my vendors and will be readying for release.

– A few lingering, elusive issues. Im working through these as we speak, but trust me, work isnt as fast as it could be after pouring half a year worth of effort into it and still discovering problems that only occur under certain circumstances, or because LL has a few bugs in code that literally cause a one in 200 failure rate, but cant go unaddressed and prompt a major rewrite in this particular case.


All said and done, I’m keeping in check with my partners in crime here, and working to get everything polished to a mirror finish. I do want this to be the masterpiece release basically, and I have big plans once the pressure of this project is finally off my shoulders. I ate’nt dead, as it reads in certain Discworld novels, and Im still here and working on this!

That´s right folks, v4.0 is right around the corner now. I’m just waiting on a few smaller things before i go and set the release date in stone (not everything related to it is done by me, such as vendor system upgrades), so in order to make sure that the new version is the best possible quality, I’ve decided to go ahead and open up to a slightly larger beta test program.

So how does it work?
Simple. Read the section below, and if you think you’d be a good tester, go ahead and drop me a notecard or IM.

Q: So first and foremost, how can I qualify at all?
A: The idea is simple. If you bought a PsiCorp bit before, preferably something other than the canine or just the female parts (however the latter can do with more testing too), you passed the first round, so to speak. Why do you have to own a PsiCorp product? Well, you are eligible to test any species that you bought from me. If you dont own any, you’re not eligible. This is to prevent people from wanting to “test” v4.0 and never getting back to me afterwards now that they have free bits.

Q: So what does testing mean? Do I put the new bits on and then put them into someone/you?
A: Sadly, this isnt what testing is about, although it can be part of the procedure. What I am after – and what I’m looking for you to do – is questions such as: “Are all texture sets working right?” or “Do all prims move correctly in the different states?” or even more complex stuff such as: “when linking several bits together and doing heavy modding, will something break?”
All in all I’m looking to have all the functions, standard and modding, tested out to catch any glitches, both from the conversion of the individual bits, as well as with v4.0 itself.

Q: And what´s in it for me?
A: I’ll decide that on a case by case basis, depending on how I feel the whole procedure went. But in general, payment can range from some free bits to L$ payments, I consider myself quite open in that respect.

Q: Anything else I need to know?
A: Well, if you’re approved to be a tester, all the information you need to operate the bits can be found on – I have also written up a whole new section for v4.0 related modding, which should greatly simplify the process compared to the old version. Also, full herm sets currently aren’t available. I will set these up once the testing is done, since it would effectively double the amount of fixing I would have to do should a global bug show up. Herm sets can still be linked up from individual components however.

So if you are interested in testing out the new release before it hits the vendors and feel the above requirements work out for you, drop me a line and we can discuss how to go about things!

Brownie points if you recognize where that title is from 😀

In any case, im not dead, and the v4 series bits are doing well! Its been way more work than I anticipated, but totally worth it. Given how I´m now close to finish, I can give you all a little status report, as well as an overview of the features.

What´s left to do:

  • Some bugfixing in general, making sure everything place nice
  • The boobs, a comparatively small task
  • Converting the old bits over, likewise a rather quick task

And now the good stuff, an overview of the features:

  • Massively improved modding. All you beginner modders will have an easier time, and all the advanced people will have more options. No more modding scripts!
  • Support for third party accessories (there WILL be piercing kits etc with easy mod-in support!) as well as textures. So avatar creators will be able to easily supply textures for their creations!
  • Script count has dropped drastically due to a totally new architecture. This results in less lag for you, and easier setup for me.
  • Better auto-hide controls via a HUD button
  • Particle intensity slider to quickly adjust your particle effects on the fly
  • Bulge feature, for when you want to wear your bits with clothing – also, third party people will be able to extend this into full on compatible clothing which animates with your bits!
  • Boobs! With a notecard based outfit system to make it easy for creators to add custom clothing, and they will come in 3 sizes. Big, normal, multi.

So what all does the better modding mean for you?

  • As mentioned before, third party textures and prim mods. So easy-add piercing kits, and textures to fit the avatar you buy, if the creator wants to supply them
  • Instead of clicking around with scripted prims, you can now use easy text commands to control your bits modding, and the vagina doesnt even need much of that, itll work of prim names and descriptions!
  • A whole wealth of new commands, letting you define cumcover prims, adding, removing prims, enabling and disabling poses for prims and more.
  • Prim tagging, a new and awesome concept, which makes it easy to have specific prims only show up under certain conditions and define which texture effects (cumcover, condom etc) you want to assign to your prims, and which prims should function as clothing.
  • Smarter modding. If you add a prim, it will automatically be saved for the currently active state. Prims wont lose their texture anymore when adding them, and shiny  & glow are natively supported now without needing to set anything up.
  • The email backup function now creates far less clutter and is easier to use, and also faster!
  • Better linkability. Have a prim body and want to link your shaft to it? No problem! Want to delink your bits to take them apart, and re-link them later? It wont break anymore! The new bits dont care which part is the root prim, and will intelligently make sure to only use a minimum of chat listeners.
  • Easier, bug-free multi-cocks. Due to the new system, having a multi-cock wont cause any more scripting problems, and its also easy to set them up for this purpose!
  • Need more space for your mods? Easy! Just duplicate the respective script (position, texture, or sculpt), clear it out, and you´ll have more space for your customizations!
  • Each positioning script can hold up to 7-8 full sets of prim data, so even high prim-count mods wont use a ton of scripts anymore!

There is more good stuff im sure I forgot, but that should nicely outline all the work thats gone into it so far. As I said, im currently polishing the penis/vagina/tailhole scripts and the HUD, before working on the breast scripting. I do expect a release this month, and I will make an announcement once the time has come 😀

Ive been getting a couple of requests of how to make PsiCorp bits with a micro avvie. Probably because a new series of AVs has just been released, and seem to enjoy a rather great popularity. Since many people asked the same thing, I figured Id go ahead and write up a little tutorial for future questions and for reference.

First of all, lets get some Q and A in:

  • Q: Why wont a PsiCorp bit fit with a micro avvie by default?
    A: Simple reason. I havent planned on making them fittable with micro avs, so the minimum size for all PsiCorp bits is 1/3rd their original size (the vagina has issues with that atm, but the upcoming version change will fix that).
  • Q: Will you make psicorp bits usable for micro avs in the future?
    A: Maybe. I will have to see whether this would impact the ability to make the bits bigger. It should’nt, but I want to be on the safe side. As it stands, with a bit of modding, it is possible already though.
  • Q: Why can i only make a PsiCorp penis so small, exactly?
    A: This has to do with how Second Life works. Any prim may not be smaller than 0.01 meters on any axis. The root prim of  a PsiCorp bit is always 0.03 on each axis, which explains why you can only scale the bits to 1/3rd of their size. The small size was chosen so the transparent sphere is harder to spot on an avatar, in the attempt to keep the transparent prim footprint as small as possible (as compared to other bits, where you can see the entire thing when you make transparent prims visible).

So how can you make your PsiCorp peen fit with a micro? Easy!

  1. Rez the PsiCorp bits, either on the ground, or attach them to your micro
  2. After being amused about how big it looks on your tiny avatar, select the bits and scale them down to the point where it wont let you make it any smaller.
  3. Now comes the slightly tedious part. Select the actual visible prims of the penis (toggling “edit linked” in the edit menu for that) and scale those smaller.
  4. Then, either type “/5 save pose” into chat, or click the button in the HUD
  5. Rinse and repeat for each of the penis´ states

This should answer those questions, if you have any further input, do feel free to comment here!

So, con is over, and after a few days of PCD, im all settled in again and picked up work again. So whats the wolf working on?

Basically right now, the vagina is mostly done, just the particle script is needed still, but that will come later, since ill make an all-purpose script very soon. At the same time, Im reworking the HUD a bit, so that it can hold the new features, and works with less script memory used as well as supports the new communication protocol that I put together.

Expect to see some more updates soon, and also, im always open for new input from you guys. I value that a lot!

So, hereby Id like to announce that starting tomorrow, up until sunday, my activity online will be very near zero. Reason being, Ill be at Eurofurence again this year, and hopefully having a good time 🙂
If youd like to come and say hi for a chat, youre very welcome, just look for some dude with a ponytail, glasses and goatee, wearing a kilt and generally going around in black clothes all the time. If I know you from SL, all the better, I enjoy meeting people I met online, and im pretty open to chat as well. Just dont expect more out of me than that 😛

Also, Ill have my laptop with me, so Ill check up on emails and all at least, and might answer customer requests if I happen to have a bit of idle time at any point.

With that said, on to the work news:

The v4 bits scripting is coming along awesomely, is all I can say. Ive had a lot of input from the community on what they want, and many of those features will go in. Right now, im working on rescripting pretty much anything, and again its a huge task, but this time around itll be done a great deal faster. Heres a look at some of the things that will happen:

  • vagina/tailhole script count will go WAY down (down to 2 scripts + 1 notecard actually), and modding will be a breeze
  • linking restrictions for the penises etc should be lifted completely
  • modding the penises will be a lot swifter, mod scripts will be done away with
  • penis script count will drop massively as well
  • some extra features, like better particle controls  (stream intensity for cum/pee, im looking at you!)
  • better resculpting and retexturing features (gogo notecard powers)
  • new products to be released with v4, stay tuned on that one, right now hardly anyone knows about this 😀

Thats the brief overview of whats planned so far. There will be more coming as I work along my list of things, and the closer it gets to release (which I dont know a date for it yet, please bear with me and dont pester me, Ill announce when things are ready :3 ), the more info will be released to you.

With that, enjoy your week, and maybe I see some of you at EF!

So here we go again, another release coming up 😀
This time, I´m going to toss out a new av, for all the spotty dogs out there. Im going to go into some detail for the features as well, and list the important dates down below.

So first things first, why Dalmatian? Basically, after finishing the GSDs, Ive been looking for at least one more canine breed to make, and Dalmatians kind of caught my eye for two reasons. On one hand, they look really nice and cute, on the other, there simply arent any halfway decent ones on SL, and I wanted to change that. Ive gone and improved some of my techniques again over the GSD, and did some script tweaks (mostly internally, but itll keep lag nice and low), as well as improved the texturing and body shading.

So lets take a look at the features:

  • Smooth, rendered fur, like on previous avatars, just nicer still!
  • Facial expressions
  • Easy to use HUD which controls all functions
  • Recolorable eyes and hair
  • New: optional plantigrade legs
  • Non-invisiprim based legs for viewer 2.0 users
  • Six realistic colors, and one “special” version
  • Male & Female in one box

For the price, expect it to be the standard 1000L$, ill start selling on the 7th this month.
Release dates are as follows:

  • August 7, 4pm SL time at Underground Fur Club
  • August 8, 2pm SL time at International Yiff Center

I will be personally attending both events and answering questions and all, so be sure to spread the word and join us then!

So, as announced before, the avian bits are ready for the public, so join us tonight at The Draconian Yiff Fantasy, and tomorrow at Underground Fur Club!
Ill be attending both events again and will answer all of your questions.  Event times are as follows:

  • Saturday, 5th of June, 2pm SLT, The Draconian Yiff Fantasy –  SLURL
  • Sunday, 6th of June, 2pm SLUT, Underground Fur Club – SLURL

So come on down and join us later today, there will be one set given away for free again as well.

Lastly, for pricing, expect the usual, so 350 for the male parts, 750 for the herm set.