The definitive post about rigged bits

Since this question keeps cropping up every few weeks, we decided to write a definitive article, explaining just why rigged bits aren’t a likely thing to happen.

Of course, the shiny new Bento skeleton enables lots of cool features, which we will be taking advantage of readily in our upcoming avatars, of which we plan to produce a great deal more in the coming months. However despite the possibility of rigging dicks and other naughty parts now, we will not be taking advantage of these particular options, and here’s why:

Rigging something comes with a set of drawbacks. Mostly the fact that you very clearly tell whichever 3d engine you work with – Second Life in our case – that this is the size and position of the object, and this is how it’s going to bend. While this works great for bodies because of the pre-existing sliders, with bits this is another matter. In short, a list of things that would occur on rigged bits:

  • You could no longer adjust the position of your bits. /at all/. It would forever be in the same position, and while it would likely somewhat adjust to your body shape, once you leave the SL shape too much – think ferals, skadi sergals, solarians, etc – the system breaks down and we would have to build specific versions for each and every unique body setup we wanted to fit with.
  • Scaling the bits would almost entirely be out. Yes, you may get some scaling out of the “groin size” slider, but anything finer such as length, width, ball or shaft size changes would be impossible, unless we built dozens of different sizes for each.
  • Modding would be almost gone. Adding a piercing as you can do now? Nope. Unless we, or a third party, creates additional rigged piercings, you can’t add new ones, or change the position of existing ones, at all.
  • Custom prims? Only unless the animations are the same, and even then you couldn’t use custom positions. So if you want to add some barbs, someone needs to a) make a model to fit the target cock, b) make an animation to move with the target cock so it always lines up properly
  • Throbbing? Nope. Throbbing would require scaling the bones to swell the girth of the shaft, but SL only allows translation & rotation in animations, not scaling; only shape sliders are allowed to do that (best example would be head size)
  • Custom states? Also nope, unless you can make your own animations in blender.
  • Particle effects lining up with animations? Not really, since we would still have to have particle prims that get moved just like our current system does, since rigging doesn’t /actually/ change the position of something, it just makes it look as if it moved. So a rigged particle emitter would always stay in the same place as far as SL is concerned, even though it looks as if it moves about. Which is also why our rigged breasts don’t come with rigged particle emitters, and why they can’t follow the breast bounce, sadly.

In short, why rigged cocks have the potential to look great, they take away almost all of the modding features people love about our products. Some people are very much trying to make these  work and are getting good looking results, but our theme always has, and always will be customizeability. Taking this away from our customers as a tradeoff for animations simply doesn’t work for us, and as such, we will continue to create our usual quality and improve in any way we can.

Avatars will be a different matter, we are fully embracing the benefits bento gives us there for expressive, alive avatars, and will of course always strive to keep modability a priority along with a great looking avatar.

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