Introducing the Animesh & Bento Vaginas

It’s been a long, long time since there’s last been any updates, and here’s there reason why! For the last few months I’ve been hard at work, finally making an oft-requested set of items happen. Now I’m happy to announce the release of our Animesh Vagina, a fully animated, universal vagina, with built-in omega support for a near-seamless texture match.

Ontop of this, other features include:

  • Several detailed messy options
  • A good range of texture variants
  • Both a canine and humanoid shaped toy for self-play animations
  • Oviposition animations (including the same eggs laid by our ovipositor style penises)
  • A trans clit option for transmasc characters
  • An option for a more visible labia

Given the restrictions in regards to wearing more than one animesh item – and the fact that there is no way to enable linking our animesh penises to the animesh vagina, short of redoing each and every one of them almost from scrach – the idea early on was also to offer a Bento version alongside. These will feature a virtually seamless fit with most of our supported bodies – and may receive more support down the road as requests come in! Furthermore, they have built in bakes on mesh support – something that is currently simply not possible yet on animesh, something we hope LL will fix in the future!

The bento vaginas will feature most of the features that the animesh one offers, accounting for the reduced bone count available for bento items (utilizing the hind leg bones in this case).

But new products isn’t all there is to this release! As part of all this, all animesh penises – including the HUDs – have been bumped to version 4.0. Let’s talk about what this entails.
The smaller part of this was script updates to the penises themselves, which also includes a side-to-side tilting option to complement the existing up-down tilt, giving you more adjustability for your poses! At the same time, a lot of existing bugs, both script based and animation related, have been addressed!

By far the biggest part of Animesh 4.0 though is the reworked HUD. The main focus of it was the customization menu, which has often been a source of confusion for people, and wasn’t all that nice to use. Now, the old page has been replaced by a much more userfriendly and full-featured setup, allowing you to not only texture and color your bits with greater ease, but also to finally texture, tint and style individual piercings one by one! Additionally, shininess controls have finally been integrated into the HUD, making it much easier to match up the penis to whatever materials settings your avatar might use.
Also, I reworked the animesh penis layout, both making room for the up-down/side-to-side tilt, and cleaning up the layout a good bit. Furthermore, direct state selection is now a thing with a nice little slider indicator!

From a pricing standpoint, both styles of vagina – bento & animesh – will be priced at 1600L$, or 1800L$ for the deluxe version including the fertility HUD. The bento version will be sold as per-brand boxes, with each containing all supported variants per body brand, including the regular & trans versions.

So when can you get your hands on them? Glad you asked!
We will be releasing them this coming week, with events at the following times and dates:

  • Saturday, July 9th, 2pm SLT at YIFF
  • Sunday, July 10th, Noon SLT at The Ark

As with all our events, we’ll have L$ raffles and a great party, so make sure to stop by, check out some demos, or pick up one of the new products! Or just come hang out and grab some updates for your existing stuff!


    1. Male bits will remain animesh only, for male parts, animesh offers way too many advantages over bento.

      1. That’s quiet shame, cuz I have nice tails that very fits my avis, but they also animesh and creator also say that they will stay animesh only, so now I’m in quiet dilemma.

          1. Well yea they modifyable and I tryed just uncheck “Animesh” in “Features” tab, but it messed up whole body, seems animesh have different animations then just bento, or I misunderstand something?

          2. If making that change affects your body, chances are the creator used more than just the tail bones or other, oftentimes available bones, so for that particular tail this might not work. Animations are usually the same, but would need different scripting to play them.

  1. Hi there!

    I’m using the Maitreya Bento version, using BOM.

    As a small bug, there’s a faint seam line aorund the Maitreya alpha spot for the vagina. It’s not super noticable, but it does “sparkle” when you have lights behind.

    Also, will there be a “smaller” version? The cleft and hood go fairly far up past where my pubic arch would be. It’s about where the mens’ penis root would be.

    And, is there a tuck state for fitting under bikinis and things, or is that all to be done with visibility and alphas?


    1. Heya – I appreciate the feedback, though please do not use blog comments as bug report channel, there is no guarentee I’ll see them every time.
      I will be looking into this however!

      For a smaller version, not at present, but alterations for a better fit may happen in the future, as well as some sort of tuck state. I’m always open for feedback, and will consider these ideas!

      1. aha, thank you for checking and finding this one!

        I’ll be glad to model and show if it would help. Thanks again and have a great day!

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