Due to popular request and the fact that our new canine vagina looks so much better now, as well as for consistency, we just pushed out an adjustment to the canine mesh herm set. You can now obtain version 6.0.2 from any caspervend vendor or redelivery terminal, which now includes the canine vagina instead of the standard mesh vagina.

All new purchases will of course also obtain the new version.

Hi everybody! We just released another minor patch for v6.0.1. The box versions haven’t been changed, but most notably, the HUDs have been bumped to 6.0.2.

The update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed the female poseball not working for basic HUD
  • Fixed the particle effects not working for slitted sergal penis/herm sets
  • Fixed the back-emitter on the natural feline penis facing the wrong way

As always, you may use any caspervend vendor or redelivery terminal inworld to access your redelivery page to get the updates 🙂

After the release of our latest update, and with many more planned in the future. PsiCorp is now testing out a series of upgrades for those of you that purchased a legacy product in the past. This program is currently only available for the following products:

  • PsiCorp Canine Penis
  • PsiCorp Canine Herm Set
  • PsiCorp Equine Penis
  • PsiCorp Equine Herm Set

If you wish to order ad upgrade, you must contact Daeshana Ikura (daeshana sapeur) within the Second Life world via Instant Message. Each upgrade costs 150 Lindens, and you will receive the mesh version of the same product. Please be patient as there is only one service member working the program at this time, and they will operate on a first come, first serve basis.

With the release of our new v6 series bits came a rush of popularity, and also a flood of little issues that people reported. So today we sat down and took care of everything that was reported thus far, releasing version 6.0.1, now available on new purchases and redeliveries.

Below are the changes included in this release:

  • Fixed an out-of-memory error that could occur in the vagina piercing script while using the scaling buttons
  • Fixed the customize menu displaying the wrong bit for customization when closing and re-opening it with multiple bits attached
  • Fixed the missing tailhole in the Sergal Herm Set box
  • Fixed the texture applier not allowing setting up tailhole textures
  • Fixed the bits HUD not displaying state buttons for 5.x series bits
  • Fixed the bits HUD not correctly updating all group buttons when attaching with no bits being worn
  • Fixed the grey shaft texture on the canine mesh penis not being accessible properly
  • Fixed the balls disappearing on the long canine mesh penis when in the “raised” state

We recommend updating if you bought a v6 bit over the weekend, since those fixes and improvements should affect all of them in some way. As always, redeliveries are available from any inworld vendor or redelivery terminal.

With the release of our v6 series bits around the corner, here’s a little info post detailing the when and where of our two release parties:

  • First event: Gay Yiffy Club (GYC) on Saturday, March 19 at 2pm SLT
  • Second event: GunBunnies on Sunday, March 20 at noon SLT

As always there will be raffles, and we’ll be around to chat you up and answer any questions you may have 🙂

Furthermore, updates are available for free come Saturday, simply visit any of our Caspervend terminals inworld to access your redelivery page.

After a long wait, the time has come for some major updates! We just finished revising a lot of our old and popular products, bringing them up to our expected quality standards.
This means redoing them from the ground up, and applying all the new techniques we learned from our latest projects, and the outcomes are amazing!

We also added a good deal of new features, such as this:

  • Piercings! – Yes, that’s right, all v6 bits now come with pre-installed piercings, which can be customized easily to your liking. You can also choose to wear a piercing-less version to save on prims and scripts if you are concerned about performance and simply don’t need piercings on your parts.
  • A new HUD! – Also redesigned from the ground up, the Bits HUD has seen a major facelift. It runs better, looks nicer, and has more useful buttons 😀 – For instance, you can now configure the throbbing strength on all bits – did we mention yet that throbbing on mesh bits is working now? – or the size and visibility of the balls. No more fussing around with unlinking those jewels, one click and they are hidden! Furthermore we made it easier to customize the colors and textures of your bits, by cleaning up the setting menu and creating one page solely devoted to customization, whilst actual HUD and bits settings received their own, organized menu.
  • Multiple versions! – Most bits now come with multiple versions. The mesh equine was the first to offer three different sizes, but the New Canine now also comes in three very distinct looks and shapes! Most vaginas now offer multiple versions as well, the canine and equine for instance come in their standard textures, or a lighter variant, lacking the dark outer flesh.
  • Better appliers!  – Gone are the days of mucking about inside scripts, dealing with weird syntax and odd bugs. Instead, you get a menu-driven applier that walks you through the setup process, and even allows you to pass on pre-setup appliers, letting you market your mods with ease. We also overhauled a lot of the texture coding to ensure there are no more bugs to foul up the texturing process, and that any applied textures show up right away on all products now.
  • Easier to fit! – The vaginas and the tailhole have been rebuilt specially to be fit much easier than before. No more clipping with mesh avatars, instead, the shapes have been carefully chosen so as to not clip into the body mesh, making it much easier to wear them on any avatar.
  • All new materials! – v5 was the start of the materials age, and v6 takes it to its conclusion. All products now are materials based rather than relying on pre-rendered textures entirely, meaning you get a sexy, glossy shine on all your bits, and that pre and cum effects look juicy and wet, just like they should!

A thing of note is that v6 is not an update for all bits, unlike our other main version leaps, such as v3 to v4 etc. Instead, v6 is supposed to represent a leap in quality rather than simply new scripting, and a consistent feature set. Thus, all bits that update to v6 meet our new quality standards, and have been either updated or completely rebuilt from the ground up to do so. No shortcuts, no cheating, just quality work!

Here’s the list of all the products that will be available next Saturday:

  • New Canine Penis
  • Equine Mesh Penis
  • Sergal Penis
  • Mesh Vagina
  • Canine Vagina
  • Equine Vagina
  • Sergal Vagina
  • Tailhole
  • All PsiCorp Breasts
  • Basic HUD
  • Fertility HUD

But wait, you may say, what about the old canine penis, the sculpted equine and the sculpted vagina?
This is where you need to read carefully, because these products will be discontinued! They have been older versions of existing products for the longest time, and in the case of canine & new canine, led to a lot of customer confusion. Thus we decided to end those product lines for good, and have one product of each of those types from here on out, making it easier for us and our customers.

But wait, what about my updates? Worry not, we won’t leave owners of the discontinued products out in the rain! While only the owners of the newer products will receive the full update, retired product owners will be able to update to a light version of the v6 release, including one of the un-pierced versions of the new products, as well as the HUD and applier. This way, you are still able to enjoy the new version without having to buy into it, unless you are looking to get piercings or different proportions for your bits. This however will be the last update to these old products, so please be aware of this 🙂


Now for the big question: When can you all get your hands on these new shinies?

Why, next Saturday, starting at 2pm SL time! – We’ll have a big party over at the awesome GYC once again, with music, dancing, and giveaways! So be sure to show up and join the party, we will be there to answer all of your questions as well!