Today’s bugfix update addresses the following problem:

  • Fox kit – fixed several missing digileg variants

As always, please visit any inworld location to redeliver, should you be affected by these issues. You can use a redelivery terminal, or touch any vendor to bring up its menu as well.

Going forward, bugfix posts will be listed with dates rather than similar-ish titles for a more consistent format! That said, today’s fixes include the following things:

  • Husky kit
    • Fixed texture applier not applying leg textures to Core Nova bodies
    • Fixed regular variants missing small/large tails
    • Fixed duplicate body alpha item
    • Updated main store landmark
  • Cobra kit
    • Fixed naming issue on Macro head preventing proper texturing
  • Dragonwolf Kit
    • Fixed animation issue on Macro right male and female hand
  • Dragon kit
    • Fixed an alpha error with the horns toggle that could cause clipping
    • Fixed a texture error with the body spikes
    • Updated the claws & pads to the latest version
    • Updated the unpacker script to the latest version
    • Updated the socials links to working versions
    • Updated the BOM schema to use a regular skin for head/top/legs, a universal for the rest to fix tattoo issues

As with all updates, please redeliver at your convenience if you are affected by any of these issues. You may visit any inworld location to do so, and either find a redelivery terminal or click a vendor in order to access its menu.

As of this post, another bugfix update is available. The following things have been fixed/improved in this update:

  • Gryphon: Fixed an issue with the head not taking BOM textures correctly
  • Vernid: Head was missing manual/custom appliers
  • Animesh Cervine Penis: Testicle-less sheath option was not texturing correctly
  • Fox: Unpacker was not correctly unpacking some nova parts

Additionally, the Fox and Wolf kits have been repackaged to address the following:

  • Unpacker had broken social media/etc links (now uses proper subdomains)
  • Unpacker was not delivering eBody parts using the “All” option
  • Updated claws & pads to latest version
  • Updated BOM to use an SL skin for head/top/legs and universal for the rest, to fix the tattoo issue

As with all updates, you can redeliver at your convenience by using the redelivery terminals in any inworld location, as well as clicking any vendor to access the menu!

Another Saturday, another round of fixes! This time, the Gryphon has received a selection of fixes, so if you are affected by any of them, please redeliver at your convenience.

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed an issue with the ears not animating correctly
  • Improved the BOM layout, head, top and legs now reside on a skin, other parts still use a universal
  • Fixed potential issues with the macro hands and feet
  • Fixed unpackers not handing out eBody parts when selecting “All”
  • Fixed broken links on unpackers
  • Fixed some duplicate items in unpacker
  • Updated claws & pads to most recent version

Additionally, some fixes were done with the claws & pads (affects gryphon and the claws & pads unpacker)

  • Fixed Belleza flat foot claws using wrong rigging, causing them to float
  • Fixed missing Belleza “medium” foot claws

To get a redelivery, visit any inworld location and find a redelivery terminal, or touch any vendor to access the menu!

As of this post, a small set of issues have been resolved:

  • Animesh Vagina – fixed piercings staying visible when vagina was hidden
  • Bento Vagina eBody – addressed small clipping issues

As with all updates, please visit any inworld location to obtain a redelivery of the latest version if you are affected by these issues! Click any redelivery terminal or vendor to open the menu and select the redelivery option. From there, you will be able to access any past purchase made from us!

This round, I’ve tackled a few smaller fixes mainly for avatars, to address various open issues.
The fixes available today include the following:

  • Shark kit – Improved the manual, removed section on digilegs, added section covering the alternate tails for bento genitals compatibility
  • Dragon kit – Fixed the spikes being misaligned on the large tail
  • Animesh Ovipositor – fixed the “self” animation being unable to trigger. The HUD should play it by pressing harder until you are past the last limp animation, the text trigger is /5 self
  • Animesh Equine Deluxe – fixed an issue with the vendor item text and marketplace desciption
  • Animesh Vernid – fixed an issue with the marketplace texts talking about the presence of a knot

For the first three, you may redeliver any affected items via the usual method; please visit any inwold store and access a redelivery terminal or touch a vendor to access the menu.
The latter two are simply text and listing fixes and require no action on your part!

In the wake of the first major update, a set of issues has cropped up, mostly directly caused by the changes made. This update should address them all, but if you find any other issues, please file a ticket on and I will make sure to get them addressed as soon as possible!

The fixes for this update include the following:

  • All variants: Fixed a permissions error causing animations to not play correctly
  • Belleza Jake: Improved rigging for slider deforms, improved normals
  • Maitreya: Fixed normals on outer mesh

Once again you should receive this update automatically. Due to the smaller nature of the update, the version numbering has not been changed. If you did not receive a redelivery within the next day or so, please find any inworld store to redeliver manually.
Should any further issues arise, they will be logged and fixed as soon as possible.

After the release of the Animesh & Bento vaginas, many people have run into deformation issues, mainly centered around the hip length shape slider. Until recently, while a potential fix existed, I was unable to actually import the fixed rig into SL. Now however, due to updated software and with the Vernid wrapped up, I finally was able to address the issue along with some further fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed strange deformation when using hip length, deformation is now a LOT more forgiving
  • Improved the blending mesh by extending it, this should hopefully eliminate any visible seams
  • Polished animations, added a bit more motion to them and cleaned up inconsistencies
  • Fixed issues with some trans versions

Please note that the Dev Nana version may not be a perfect fit yet, but further improvements may happen yet. This is as good as it gets unfortunately given the state of the devkit.

If you run into any issues, please file a ticket on – do NOT use marketplace reviews for bug reporting; while I try and read them all, there is no guarantee that I won’t miss one, and it is much harder for me to properly track issues this way. I do expect issues to arise given the sizable volume of this update, but I plan on fixing them in a timely manner.

Lastly, you should for the first time receive automated redeliveries – which is likely where you got this link from. This is a one-off measure due to the severity of the rigging issue being addressed.

As of this post, another handful of small avatar issues has been fixed. The list is as follows:

  • Dragon – fixed misaligned head spikes on male heads
  • Dragon – fixed rigged eyes causing issues with neck extenders
  • Dragonwolf – fixed issues with eyes on macro heads
  • Gryphon – fixed some macro parts not taking textures

As with all updates, please find any of our inworld locations and access a redelivery terminal or click a vendor for its menu, in order to access your purchase history and obtain the updated items!

Given the size of the BOM update, issues were anticipated. I’m happy to say though, that for the hundreds of items updated/created, only very few have surfaced so far. This update addresses most of the reported issues, as listed here:

  • Fox – fixed textures not applying to some female heads
  • Fox – fixed duplicate rigged eyes object
  • Dragon – fixed neckless bitch head not working with neck extenders
  • Dragon – fixed “Onyx” variant being unavailable for purchase or redelivery
  • Shark – fixed fins & tail not responding to older texture appliers
  • Shark – added and updated missing custom texture applier
  • Gryphon – fixed wrong script in wings
  • Gryphon – fixed duplicate items in box
  • Core Nova Type B/C – fixed items being unable for redelivery

As always, please visit any inworld location to access a redelivery terminal, or touch any PsiCorp vendor to access its menu and likewise access the redelivery page that way!