Once again we’ve had a busy month, and are happy to give you our latest set of v6.0 updated bits!
Pursuing our goal to transform the entire PsiCorp bits lineup and bring it to the 6.0 quality standard, as well as sprinkle a few new designs in every time, we have the following sets of bits on offer starting on the 25th of this month, in both male and herm variants:

  • Shark – comes in a package with both realistic claspers as well as a freely designed, slitted twin-shaft version
  • Cetacean – for all the aquatics out there, we redid an old, popular design, now with lots more detail!
  • Mutant – a truly monstrous design, nubbed, ridged and double-knotted, it got a full rebuild and is looking better than ever!
  • Tentasnake – a snake as a penis? Oh yes. Now with even more detail, better states, and much improved textures
  • Tentacle – a long, prehensile tentacle sprouting from a slitted base, this one’s big and long, and our new release for this month!


Parties for this weekend will be held in two locations once again:

  • Saturday the 25th, at GYC, 2 to 4pm SL time
  • Sunday the 26th, at Crux Retreat, 10am to noon SL time

As always we’ll be there to answer your questions, take your feedback, and just generally hang out, and we’ll be holding another raffle during each event again as well!