Updates to bits, fox progress report

Updates to bits, fox progress report

As of today, all PsiCorp bits will come with the updated landmark for the main store, since it moved within its sim. To teleport there, click this URL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fair%20Haven/209/74/32

Furthermore, the Anthro Herm Set now comes with the HUD – please note that since the update disk was also missing, whoever bought the Anthro Herm Set will have to contact me personally. Im working on ways to alleviate this issue however!  Also, there has been a small bug-fix round, affecting the Rabbit and Anthro Penis, their backward-cum behavior has been fixed, and the effect now emits in the correct direction.

On the avatar side of things, the Fox is making progress, the head has been tweaked more, and is looking very good, expect a picture sometime later today, both here and on my furaffinity page.

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