Today’s bugfix update addresses the following problem:

  • Fox kit – fixed several missing digileg variants

As always, please visit any inworld location to redeliver, should you be affected by these issues. You can use a redelivery terminal, or touch any vendor to bring up its menu as well.

After multiple people have expressed interest in getting access to Substance Painter developer kits, and after wanting to restart the early access creator program as well, I figure it was time to set up something to bring all of that under one role.

As such, you are now able to apply for verified creator status. To sum it up, this is to verify that you are an SL creator in good standing, and are interested in creating mods for PsiCorp products and would benefit from using Substance Painter, or you wish to create mods for upcoming items in time for their release.

You will also gain a special discord role, with access to a dedicated channel for discussions and devkit requests. There ARE terms of service in place of course, and for anyone requesting early access kits there are expectations this is done with the intent of actually releasing something in time for release. This is to prevent people from simply abusing these systems.

To apply for this type of status, click here and fill out the form, I’ll review your application as soon as possible!

For today’s round of bugfixes, the following things have been addressed:

  • Sergal Texture Dev Kit – Added UV map overlays, added alpha mask for mane textures
  • Fox / Wolf Kit – Fixed an issue with badly placed claws and pawpads for the eBody digilegs
  • Dragon Kit – Fixed an issue where the tails would not correctly switch to BOM texturing

As always, visit any inworld location to redeliver, using either a redelivery terminal or clicking a vendor to access the menu!

Going forward, bugfix posts will be listed with dates rather than similar-ish titles for a more consistent format! That said, today’s fixes include the following things:

  • Husky kit
    • Fixed texture applier not applying leg textures to Core Nova bodies
    • Fixed regular variants missing small/large tails
    • Fixed duplicate body alpha item
    • Updated main store landmark
  • Cobra kit
    • Fixed naming issue on Macro head preventing proper texturing
  • Dragonwolf Kit
    • Fixed animation issue on Macro right male and female hand
  • Dragon kit
    • Fixed an alpha error with the horns toggle that could cause clipping
    • Fixed a texture error with the body spikes
    • Updated the claws & pads to the latest version
    • Updated the unpacker script to the latest version
    • Updated the socials links to working versions
    • Updated the BOM schema to use a regular skin for head/top/legs, a universal for the rest to fix tattoo issues

As with all updates, please redeliver at your convenience if you are affected by any of these issues. You may visit any inworld location to do so, and either find a redelivery terminal or click a vendor in order to access its menu.

As of this post, another bugfix update is available. The following things have been fixed/improved in this update:

  • Gryphon: Fixed an issue with the head not taking BOM textures correctly
  • Vernid: Head was missing manual/custom appliers
  • Animesh Cervine Penis: Testicle-less sheath option was not texturing correctly
  • Fox: Unpacker was not correctly unpacking some nova parts

Additionally, the Fox and Wolf kits have been repackaged to address the following:

  • Unpacker had broken social media/etc links (now uses proper subdomains)
  • Unpacker was not delivering eBody parts using the “All” option
  • Updated claws & pads to latest version
  • Updated BOM to use an SL skin for head/top/legs and universal for the rest, to fix the tattoo issue

As with all updates, you can redeliver at your convenience by using the redelivery terminals in any inworld location, as well as clicking any vendor to access the menu!

Another Saturday, another round of fixes! This time, the Gryphon has received a selection of fixes, so if you are affected by any of them, please redeliver at your convenience.

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed an issue with the ears not animating correctly
  • Improved the BOM layout, head, top and legs now reside on a skin, other parts still use a universal
  • Fixed potential issues with the macro hands and feet
  • Fixed unpackers not handing out eBody parts when selecting “All”
  • Fixed broken links on unpackers
  • Fixed some duplicate items in unpacker
  • Updated claws & pads to most recent version

Additionally, some fixes were done with the claws & pads (affects gryphon and the claws & pads unpacker)

  • Fixed Belleza flat foot claws using wrong rigging, causing them to float
  • Fixed missing Belleza “medium” foot claws

To get a redelivery, visit any inworld location and find a redelivery terminal, or touch any vendor to access the menu!

As of this post, a small set of issues have been resolved:

  • Animesh Vagina – fixed piercings staying visible when vagina was hidden
  • Bento Vagina eBody – addressed small clipping issues

As with all updates, please visit any inworld location to obtain a redelivery of the latest version if you are affected by these issues! Click any redelivery terminal or vendor to open the menu and select the redelivery option. From there, you will be able to access any past purchase made from us!

As of this post, PsiCorp is now on Blogotex, a system made to connect SL bloggers and creators. This will make it much easier for us to add and manage new bloggers, as well as for bloggers to gain access to existing and upcoming items.

We are thus actively looking for more people interested in blogging our work. If this sounds good to you, visit our main store – or any other inworld location – and click the application box! We will review your application and, should your work meet our standards, approve you to blog for us!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or use our discord as well! Furthermore, any approved bloggers will be eligible for the appropriate discord role in our server!

Today, various bugfixes and improvements were released again. The list of changes includes the following:

  • Bento Vaginas
    • BOM now defaults to on
    • eBody: Fixed erroneous normals causing a visible shading difference
    • eBody: Implemented the material synchronization script, the vagina should now immediately match your body correctly on attach
    • Fixed some broken social media links on HUD
  • Tiger Kit
    • Fixed a duplicate fluff being present on female/bitch heads, causing potential texture glitches
    • Fixed some macro hands/feet having wrongly named parts, resulting in texturing issues
    • Fixed various smaller claws/pads issues
    • Fixed duplicate tail options in macro unpack HUD
    • Fixed HUD script not handling out eBody on “All” option
    • Fixed some broken social media links on HUD
  • Gargoyle Kit
    • Added the gargoyle kits to the marketplace and main store vendors now that Abnormality concluded
    • Fixed a Maitreya claws set not responding correctly to HUD

As with all updates, please use any inworld redelivery terminal or vendor to receive the latest version! The exception to the rule this time is the eBody Bento Vaginas because of the additional features and fixes received, this will be delivered to you automatically.

Should you find any other issues, please make sure to report them on, or use our discord under!

Looking at the long history of PsiCorp, it quickly becomes evident that our customers’ input has always been a valuable source of improvement, ranging from product suggestions to bug reports, to any sort of feedback, both positive and negative.

Nowadays, with more ways to contact us than ever and leave us feedback, we do however notice at times that it would be nice to have, well, more input. Generally we try and estimate what people want, what and how to make, and think about what features would be useful to have. And somewhat recently, with the addition of a beta tester group, it has become easier to ensure that these products launch with few issues, usually.

Though we still want to put out an active invitation for feedback, to let everyone know that yes, we hear you, we /want/ to hear you, no matter what you may have to say, as long as it is honest. Let us know what you’d like to see for products, for new features, or if there are areas you’d like to see us improve upon. If there are issues we may have no idea about to begin with, even. Communication, advertising, blogging, customer support, product quality, compatibility, social media – anything goes.

The best ways to do so would be either through the tickets on, or on our official discord, on, where we have dedicated support and suggestions forums as well, useful especially if you’re looking for more of a public discussion.

We look forward to hearing from you, and view this as a great opportunity to learn and improve!