That’s right folks, after a long silence – mostly due to helping with another SL bound project – I have new stuff for you all! This time around, it’s a total rework of the old equine cock, now in shiny new mesh, with a much higher quality than before. Ontop of that, more texture variations, higher detail textures, and not one, but three different sizes in one box, so if the old model was too long for you, you’ll most certainly find the right size for you desires now!

So join us again on Sunday, the 25th at 3pm SL time, at club YIFF. We will once again be hosting a big party there, as well has have some sort of contest or giveaway as always,  so drop on by, preferably as your favorite horse av, and have a great time this weekend with us!

So as usual, there has been a lot of silence, but I haven’t been lazy though!

Firstly, let me tell you, the main cause for the silence is my helping with a game project here in SL, I can’t talk any details about it, but it has taken up a lot of my time, but will hopefully be a very rewarding experience, so far it’s very fun to help them with the LSL side of things. I am of course still working on new things, albeit at a slower pace right now.

In more psicorp related news, I am slowly making the transition to mesh, using it more and more, and am working on the v4.1 scriptset as of late. Besides the option to support mesh objects now, I also added/fixed the following things:

  • Added support for multiple sides per object – this mostly comes into play with mesh
  • Added a function that will set default tilt on attach and on setting the bits to soft/hidden state
  • Added notecard support for multiple textured sides per object
  • Scripts now report their name, index and free memory upon starting up
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a position/texture script could result in a math error crash
  • Fixed a bug – hopefully – where objects would save incorrectly or not at all
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated scripts would not correctly find out whether they had the highest script index
  • Fixed a lot of code duplication, this made the scripts smaller by about 10% in some cases and a bit easier to maintain

The update will initially be rolled out on the upcoming mesh horse cock – yes you read right, more on that in a second –  but will then be rolled out to all v4 bits shortly after release. As usual, updates to v4.1 will be free for everyone.

Now. Horse cocks.
You read right, I’m working on a mesh based horse cock, since my first attempt is years old. The new one will somewhat resemble the old, but will be mesh, and come in a box of two variations. One will be the full-sized stallion one, the other will be a smaller, “pony” (no, not MLP, but if you want to stick it on an av, who am I to judge? I Just make the bits) version, which is notably shorter and girthier in comparison. The pack will be sold as new product, for 500L$ for the two cocks.

Keep an eye on this blog as usual, I’ll be posting updates as they happen. I will use mesh heavily in the future, and possibly branch out into other accessory kinds, time will tell! Also new avatars will definitely happen, but I’m waiting for some exciting LL-side technology to go live first.