Status report

Status report

So as usual, there has been a lot of silence, but I haven’t been lazy though!

Firstly, let me tell you, the main cause for the silence is my helping with a game project here in SL, I can’t talk any details about it, but it has taken up a lot of my time, but will hopefully be a very rewarding experience, so far it’s very fun to help them with the LSL side of things. I am of course still working on new things, albeit at a slower pace right now.

In more psicorp related news, I am slowly making the transition to mesh, using it more and more, and am working on the v4.1 scriptset as of late. Besides the option to support mesh objects now, I also added/fixed the following things:

  • Added support for multiple sides per object – this mostly comes into play with mesh
  • Added a function that will set default tilt on attach and on setting the bits to soft/hidden state
  • Added notecard support for multiple textured sides per object
  • Scripts now report their name, index and free memory upon starting up
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a position/texture script could result in a math error crash
  • Fixed a bug – hopefully – where objects would save incorrectly or not at all
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated scripts would not correctly find out whether they had the highest script index
  • Fixed a lot of code duplication, this made the scripts smaller by about 10% in some cases and a bit easier to maintain

The update will initially be rolled out on the upcoming mesh horse cock – yes you read right, more on that in a second –  but will then be rolled out to all v4 bits shortly after release. As usual, updates to v4.1 will be free for everyone.

Now. Horse cocks.
You read right, I’m working on a mesh based horse cock, since my first attempt is years old. The new one will somewhat resemble the old, but will be mesh, and come in a box of two variations. One will be the full-sized stallion one, the other will be a smaller, “pony” (no, not MLP, but if you want to stick it on an av, who am I to judge? I Just make the bits) version, which is notably shorter and girthier in comparison. The pack will be sold as new product, for 500L$ for the two cocks.

Keep an eye on this blog as usual, I’ll be posting updates as they happen. I will use mesh heavily in the future, and possibly branch out into other accessory kinds, time will tell! Also new avatars will definitely happen, but I’m waiting for some exciting LL-side technology to go live first.


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Sekioh Sachs

I’m kind of curious how you plan to leave the bits moddable if you move to mesh, with the current sculpts you at least had like the knots and ridges and sometimes the heads as separate parts for fiddling with.

Since the horse is first in the mesh line here, for example, what if someone wanted it to flare more or less, will you be using multiple segments of mesh still for the whole overall bits? Since I believe you can’t use uuid for mesh, there going to be dozens of fragments and mesh inventory inside the core prim so you can do the transition loading, or are they all going to be minimized inside like you do already but you still have the lowest common number of prims to keep the count down as it is, so that would be counter productive to the minimalist clean approach you currently have.

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    To answer your question, I try and keep modability within reason. Most people retexture or add piercings etc, and I try and keep those objects separate where it makes sense to do so. The equine cock will be one object sans balls, because let’s face it, it already was impossible to rescale it except as a whole, due to the inability to properly resize curved sculpts etc. This is also why I offer several sizes as alternative.

    As far as the mesh handling goes, I make compact meshes that are hidden to the core, one for each state for the equine. The prim count is higher than normal, but this is irrelevant when dealing with attachments. What counts is the render density – which is kept low by shrinking objects, thus forcing them to a lower LOD and hiding them – and the script count, which again is very minimalistic. This also allows me to make better textures and use texture space more efficiently. If we get morph targets in the future, I will however use these, and give people a way to mess with the sliders somehow, but that is future tech. Point is, I do consider modability, the goal is to make my stuff look and work better, and I’ll be staying focused on that.

    FYI, I have some plans for rigged mesh stuff for anthros, but that is very vague yet

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*Catches up his head at the rigged mesh*
Now i here i just wonder as if there will be rigged bits for an AV like the Blue Galaxian, i especially thinking about the girl parts since nonrigged stuffs keep hanging out from the crotch area too much in certian poses. And since there will be a BG modelsource release in the near future i guess its will be not too hard to create just as now without any source.

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    As far as rigged mesh bits go, I’m not going to make those. They would have to be custom built for every single mesh body avatar out there, and would not be usable on any other, different mesh body type. Since we lost the use of invisiprims, that does make fitting tricky, but right now I’m not having the option of really catering like that to individual avatars.

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