Dragon bits release – this saturday!

Dragon bits release – this saturday!

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So, I’ve been at it again, and made some new fun parts 😀

To sum it up, I’ve gone and made a series of dragon related bits, four in total, and on top of that, reworked the old dragon bits into mesh and gave it a facelift that way. Here’s a little introduction on each of the models:

  • Aqua Dragon: A nice mix of aquatic designs with dragon influences. Fairly long, and quite uniquely shaped, smooth, but with fun bumps and a curve to it.
  • Breeder Dragon: It comes with fun ridges, and also a knot! Perfect for breeder type characters, or people who love dragons and knots and just really want both together in one bit.
  • Dragon: The good old favorite, now redone and better! Script count got cut in half, and it has the poses you’ve come to expect from my models, as well as all those texture  options, too!
  • Ridgeback: Sleek, simple, but with a series of fun ridges on the underside of it. A nice alternative to the dragon bits.
  • Wind Dragon: Long, slick looking, with fun ridges and a well defined glans. Also, prehensile. Should look awesome on tall, sleek avatars, but suited for many applications, as are all the others.

So when can you get your hands on them? Fear not, you only have to hold out until Saturday, 2 pm SL time for those to go live. Expect the standard 350 / 750 L$ pricing for the male / herm options. They all come with the expected features, the new HUD and texture applier, and each have 7 different texture options, again including a grey scale for custom colors.

Also, I will be having a release party again, too! Join us at YIFF, Saturday the 15th at 2 pm SL time for a party, which will once again include a giveaway raffle! I’ll announce what it will be once the date rolls around, so be sure to attend and have a great time there 😀

Lastly, with “Project Fitted Mesh” having gone live, I will look toward new avatars utilizing this technology, so expect to hear more of that soon. I will be updating this page with screenshots and further information as it unfolds. And oh yes. Expect materials being used, too. Shiny!

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Kugal Malone

With all the new bits coming out and the ones i already have I’m going to have them flopping out my pockets as i walk around.

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