LE Bear Ad
Surprise everybody! We just released a suite of halloween themed bears!
To celebrate this holiday, we gave them glow in the dark skeleton makeup, and it looks awesome!
So drop on by at the main store or on the SL marketplace and check them out.

They will only be available until November 8, so make sure to pick one up before they are gone FOREVER! (yes we mean it when we say limited edition)
Pricing is at 1200L$ just like the regular version, BUT if you already own a PsiCorp Bear and you aren’t afraid of some modding, we sell the texture kits for 600L$ each, so you can save some money in exchange for about 10 minutes of modding (times may vary, it is very easy but of course, it depends on your skill level).

Surprise everyone! Due to popular demand, we brought back an old favorite, the first release dragon avatars.
Of course, we didn’t just simply put them up for sale again. Instead, we went back and rescripted them entirely, so they are nice and lag free now. In fact, they come in at only about 160kb of script memory 😀 – much better than before!
Additionally, we threw in some appliers for mesh breasts as well, along with getting rid of the old invisiprims in favor of avatar alpha masks.

We also merged male and female into the same box rather than selling them separately, and all that for the low price of 400L$ 😀

Better yet, if you bought one of the old dragons in the past, you’re eligible for a free update to this new and improved version. Simply visit any of my vendors to access the redelivery page and claim your avatar 😀

So the last few weeks have been turbulent, with purchases failing, redeliveries being out of order, and generally quite a mess.
The simple reason behind that was that the company hosting my database – basically everything that ties together the deliveries and vendors in-world and keeps track of your purchases – decided to move my site to a new server and they made a royal mess of it. On top of it, their support chose not to respond to tickets and a lot of other bad things, hence why we are undertaking – and have completed – a few changes.

Most notably, we now are powered by Caspervend, meaning a much more reliable experience and more features for you to enjoy. By now, all purchase data has been brought over to their system as well, and all vendors, marketplace included, will from now on show up in their system.
This comes with a few benefits, such as a great back-end for me to work with and manage my products etc, as well as the ability for you guys to buy gifts in-store now. Additionally, the system keeps track of double purchases and refunds them automatically, and in the event of my delivery boxes not being available, keeps trying until they work again (mostly during sim reboot season) or refunds you. This should all result in less trouble for both you and me.

However, this also means that the bits HUD redelivery function is currently NOT working. We are working on a fix for this, to tie it into the caspervend system. Until then however, you have to use any of my vendors inworld to access that page.

Which brings me to the last important bit of info:
The main store has moved! That’s right, we are no longer in MF Industries, in fact, that sim is no longer existing. All is well though, the store is still alive and well, just like before. Please use this SLURL to find it, you can either click it, or better yet, paste it into your SL chat bar and click the green link that pops up after you hit enter!

Lastly, one more bit of important information. We also are using a new helpdesk, please use psicorp.freshdesk.com for all support related questions, manuals etc.
The plan is to provide you with an update containing fixed HUDs and correct manual URLs as soon as we can! Keep an eye on the blog, I’ll post about it once everything is ready.

Bear Ad GYC 1

Bear Ad GYC 2
After many months of silence, I’m proud to announce that a new avatar is completed and ready to get into your hands! For all the bears out there in SL or those fancying having a bear avatar, PsiCorp will soon release a full mesh based avatar. We paid special attention to getting the unique build of bears right, so rather than relying on SL’s default shape, I built a complete body from scratch which really captures the bulkiness that these creatures possess, the combination between muscle mass and body fat.
Of course, the entire setup is powered by fitted mesh; in short, you can edit the shape to your liking. Want more gut? No problem. Thicker arms? We’ve got it covered. Butt reduction? Sure thing.

But wait, there’s more! Since many bears tend to be really tall and stand out above the crowd, I included an alternate version that comes in at 150% the size, giving you a far greater range of heights to work with. So if you want to be a colossal, hulking figure, you can be! It goes without saying that these options come for both the male and the female versions, both of which come with a uniquely made body mesh.

But will I have to run around naked, you may ask. The answer to that is no! For the first time, I also built a custom made set of clothing, so you don’t have to walk around in the buff all the time. Of course if that’s what you want, that’s your thing. But if you do fancy being clothed at times, you can pick between a couple of texture alternatives for each outfit, and better yet, every piece of clothing comes with various states of undress!

The whole package is also very script efficient – you won’t find any lag here! For those technically minded, the nude avatar clocks in at below 128 kilobytes of memory, a far cry from the several megabyte big avatars you tend to see around. Clothing only adds a handful of kb as well, and script time is kept at a constant low. Special care was also taken to keep the amount of textures low, while at the same time keeping the quality high, so you have a nice and crisp rendition of every strand of fur, with the materials on each part really bringing out the detail.

Last but not least, the good old bear bits will get a full overhaul and will get the mesh and materials treatment as well! There will be textures made to match each of the species at release, and owners of the previous set will be eligible to update their bits free of charge, as always.
Speaking of species, the five variations will be American Black Bear, Grizzly, Kodiak, Polar bear, and as a special treat, Pandas! Each package will cost 1200L$ for a box full of goodies, clothing, XL versions etc included!

So be sure to join us on the 17th this month at the GYC – the party starts at 3pm, and we will once again have giveaways of some sort, and of course music and lots of fun!

Additionally we will host another little event at good old Yiff Factory on Sunday the 18th at noon SLT – this will be a small event, but once again music, partying and good times 😀

Lastly, a bit of news. We recently upgraded our vendor system from a custom solution to Caspervend, since my web host has created a lot of problems for me in the past months. Due to this, we had a lot of hiccups during their downtimes and during the migration period.
For redeliveries, please use any vendor terminal to access the caspervend redelivery page. Redelivery by HUD is currently not functioning, but we strive to provide you all with a global update to rectify those issues, so please bear with us while we work on this.

In good news, the new system is a lot more reliable and won’t lose purchases anymore or eat your money. If deliveries can’t be made, you will be refunded, and if you attempt to purchase products you already own, you likewise get your money back. And as a bonus, you are now able to gift purchases from any vendor!