Avatar Core 2.1 patch 1 – also macro sergals!

Avatar Core 2.1 patch 1 – also macro sergals!

As of this blog post, an update is available for Avatar Core 2.1 is available for update.
We fixed a few outstanding bugs, as well as some other neat things.

Affected by this update are the following products:

  • All Avatar Core bodies
  • All Avatar Core macro breasts
  • The regular size perky & multi perky breasts

This update fixes the following:

  • Fixed several minor UV issues on the legs, most notably an asymmetry on the left knee.
  • Shifted the macro line over to using deformers over letting the bodies define joint offsets. This allows for macro sergals to happen.
  • Fixed a MAJOR performance issue with texture appliers. Using them is now lightning fast!

Also available now is the macro sergal kit, so if you want to supersize your sergal experience, be sure to pick it up from any sergal vendor or from our marketplace listing!


comments user
Chalice Yao

And updating 🙂
Will the .dae/Blender packs be updated to 2.1 as well? We are still seriously missing the various breast options in them in the 2.0, which are a total must for making various clothes and piercings for them.

    comments user

    Yes, that has been done now. Check the manual webpage to access the new, and complete textures and devkits 😀

      comments user
      Chalice Yao

      Thank you! 😀

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