New item: The fluffdragon tail

New item: The fluffdragon tail

A good friend of mine gave me the suggestion to try and do some simple things, including avatar parts rather than always doing big, draining projects, and I decided to listen for once! Here’s the result of this week’s work, a nice, simple fluffdragon tail!

It can do a few things, too:

  • It has multiple animations, sways or static poses, and also features sit anims, as well as walk, run, and flight animations
  • It’s GLTF material compatible, and comes with some pre-made ones in the devkit!
  • You can adjust its length as well as it’s position to make sure it sits right!
  • It comes in three sizes, too! Want a really huge one? Got you covered!
  • Since it’s a mod part, it also comes with a proper devkit. Textures and materials are included on the SL side, while the downloadable kit has PSD files as well as an OBJ for use in Substance Painter and similar apps!

You can grab it via the Second Life marketplace right here!

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