Animesh, bigger and better

Animesh, bigger and better

We recently pushed out the 2.0 animesh update for the canine, equine and dragon bits, and while the reception thus far was very positive, we also got some feedback that people wanted bigger options still.

So that’s just what we did~ We added three more size options, 5XL, 6XL and 7XL, bringing the maximum size up to 3 times that of M, which is considered the base size, where before, 2.25 times was the largest.

This should bring more viable size options for very large avatars. As usual, you can update via any inworld location, either poke a Caspervend redelivery terminal, or one of my vendors to open the menu.

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Just what i wanted XD
Thanks so much psicorp you guys always doing best at this kind stuff
love the animation and shapes
I ended up buying almost every penis you guys have made

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