Upcoming Hybrid Penis release – this weekend at 2pm SLT!

Upcoming Hybrid Penis release – this weekend at 2pm SLT!


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That’s right, after a long wait, finally more PsiCorp goodness 😀 – I decided to tackle a few of the often requested bits, and present to you a selection of hybrid bits – plus one secret!
So what exactly are those species you see here? From left to right:

  • Canine Hybrid – A blend of canine and feline traits, so you get to enjoy barbs AND a knot.
  • Nightmare – A mix of equine and canine, but with some ridges thrown in for good measure.
  • Dracanine – As the name implies, a blend of canine and dragon. Knots and ridges for a fun combination. Comes in both sheath and slit flavors.
  • ??? – <REDACTED>

All cocks are also of hybrid make, meaning unlike the first mesh one – the equine – they will feature mesh shafts but will come with sculpted sheathes, which will make for an easier modding experience and simpler adjustments. Furthermore, following in the line of the snake bits, all of those cocks you see up there will now come with 3 latex variations (black, white, and skin toned) to fit naturally with your rubber avs. A white latex sheath/slit is also available besides the regular white sheath/slit texture.
All bits will likely be priced at the usual 350L$, with the dracanine being 500 for having an extra variation in the pack. Herm set prices will be accordingly.

So what is with that secret cock? Well, come to the release event, I will likely be showing it off on one of my avs. Once the event has kicked off, all four will be publicly available, so all I will say about the little secret one is that it is an unusual one, and I think a lot of people will like it!



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What’s this? How did I miss it on Sandy & Durras’s links? What’s cooking, hon? You’ve got my curiosity VERY tickled, if I can I’ll try to be at the release.. let me know, okay?

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