Miscellaneous bugfix release

Miscellaneous bugfix release

As of this post, updates are available for several products, meant to address reported bugs. As per usual, please use the caspervend redelivery function (terminals in any inworld location or interacting with a vendor to access the menu) in order to receive the updated versions.

Issues addressed in this release:

  • Voidbeast
    • Fixed missing Belleza Jake body glow
    • Fixed “All” option on unpacker not giving out eBody parts
    • Fixed fit issue on Nova Female digilegs
    • Fixed body spikes not toggling back on after hiding
    • Updated links in unpacker script, discord link works again
    • Fixed minor typo in Animesh Voidbeast Penis vendor picture
  • Animesh Monster Penis
    • Fixed naming issues with XL and XXL versions (XL pierced appeared to be missing)
  • Animesh Natural Canine Penis
    • Fixed regular Fat Pack not including a HUD

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