A call for feedback

A call for feedback

Looking at the long history of PsiCorp, it quickly becomes evident that our customers’ input has always been a valuable source of improvement, ranging from product suggestions to bug reports, to any sort of feedback, both positive and negative.

Nowadays, with more ways to contact us than ever and leave us feedback, we do however notice at times that it would be nice to have, well, more input. Generally we try and estimate what people want, what and how to make, and think about what features would be useful to have. And somewhat recently, with the addition of a beta tester group, it has become easier to ensure that these products launch with few issues, usually.

Though we still want to put out an active invitation for feedback, to let everyone know that yes, we hear you, we /want/ to hear you, no matter what you may have to say, as long as it is honest. Let us know what you’d like to see for products, for new features, or if there are areas you’d like to see us improve upon. If there are issues we may have no idea about to begin with, even. Communication, advertising, blogging, customer support, product quality, compatibility, social media – anything goes.

The best ways to do so would be either through the tickets on support.psicorp.us, or on our official discord, on discord.psicorp.us, where we have dedicated support and suggestions forums as well, useful especially if you’re looking for more of a public discussion.

We look forward to hearing from you, and view this as a great opportunity to learn and improve!

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