Introducing the Animesh & Bento Canine Vagina

Introducing the Animesh & Bento Canine Vagina

It’s been a busy few months for me, and and a LOT has been accomplished! This is just one of several really neat things coming, in fact, the smallest of several projects, so there’s much to look forward to!
Nevertheless I’m really happy with the outcome of this one!

Features wise, this is the canine flavor of the rather popular animesh/bento vagina I released in the past, a fully rigged, animated canine spade with several different poses and animations, as well as several dildo selfplay animations.

A good variety of textures is included – both with dark outer shading as well as all-light texturing – and the included piercings can be customized freely or of course hidden entirely.

The bento version has been fitted for the following bodies:

  • eBody Reborn
  • Maitreya
  • Kupra
  • Jake
  • Freya

More bodies may be added in the future by popular request! For all other bodies, the animesh version has been created as well, in seven different sizes, which should help fit it to most humanoid bodies! As always, make sure to check out the demo version before purchasing the full one, to ensure you can get a good fit!

For texturing, the ebody version supports eBody’s material matching system, guaranteeing a good fit, for all others, Omega appliers are supported natively, the bento versions also support BOM, and all versions also come with an applier to add custom textures if neither if those methods works!

From a pricing standpoint, you’ll be able to snag both in one box for 2500L$! Giving you the body fitted bento versions as well as the general purpose animesh ones all in one deal!

And as a final, special surprise, I’m sending all group members a little gift! Anyone being a member of the PsiCorp group will receive a “lite” version of the bento vaginas. This is a heavily stripped down version for you to experience for free and show off! The HUD will show you all the things you will get as part of the full version, too!
As part of this – and a transition to doing semi-regular group gifts – in about a week from now I will be adding a small join fee to the PsiCorp group – but I will make it worth it!

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