More VRChat content – the canine penis!

More VRChat content – the canine penis!

A few days later, another release! This time, the standalone version of the canine penis included with the wolf avatar. Having been spun off the avatar itself, and being the first go at a vrchat penis, it’s a bit simpler, but updates for additional features are already planned, and in typical PsiCorp fashion, will of course be free of charge!

This penis has been based off the very popular 5.0 animesh canine, and utilizes the same PBR materials, readily set up for use in VRChat!

Feature wise, the penis offers the following:

  • SPS compatibility out of box
  • Several customization blendshapes
  • Several material styles for shaft and sheath
  • Several erection states from sheathed to half-exposed to erect etc
  • Should only take minimal work to tie it into your avatar’s menus, just attach to root, scale, and pick your menu tie-in in the vrcfury component

If you want to get your hands on it and add it to your own avatars, it’s now available at gumroad, at the link below:

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