New and improved – the Animesh Equine Penis v5!

New and improved – the Animesh Equine Penis v5!

After a considerable amount of time spent bringing some VRChat content online, it’s finally time for the next entry to the 5.0 Animesh series – the equine!

As the canine before, the updated equine has been /entirely/ rebuilt from scratch, and now comes with all of the juicy features that the 5.0 script base offers, such as:

  • PBR material compatibility, for much more realistic and dynamic lighting
  • Full support for classic materials
  • Customizeable length, girth, optional knot and knot thickness and flare size
  • A wide range of piercings which are fully customizeable as well
  • Lots of smooth, detailed animations, throbs, bounces, sways, etc
  • Optional sheath and balls fluff
  • Shaft and balls tattoo options
  • Optional fluid sound effects together with much nicer particle effects
  • The 5.0 HUD, with much more detailed and easy to use controls
  • A rich devkit, making custom textures and PBR materials easy to apply

Also as the canine before it, this will serve as a merger for a good few existing animesh products, meaning free updates for everyone who owns one of them already!
Essentially, if you own ANY of the animesh equine penises, OR the animesh knotted equine, you will be able to update to this product for free once it has relased!

As with the canine once more, the new price will be set at 2000L$, and it will be available both inworld and on the marketplace! Also, absolutely expect a VRChat version of this coming very soon! I can’t make a promise to exactly when, but as soon as it’s completed, there will be a separate announcement with info and store links etc!

Lastly, we will be having an event again! Join us on Friday the 19th over at Night Vibes as we’ll be part of a huge event lasting from 9am all the way to 8pm SLT! There will be a large lineup of DJs, giveaways, and of course the release of the new equine parts!

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