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Bear Ad GYC 2
After many months of silence, I’m proud to announce that a new avatar is completed and ready to get into your hands! For all the bears out there in SL or those fancying having a bear avatar, PsiCorp will soon release a full mesh based avatar. We paid special attention to getting the unique build of bears right, so rather than relying on SL’s default shape, I built a complete body from scratch which really captures the bulkiness that these creatures possess, the combination between muscle mass and body fat.
Of course, the entire setup is powered by fitted mesh; in short, you can edit the shape to your liking. Want more gut? No problem. Thicker arms? We’ve got it covered. Butt reduction? Sure thing.

But wait, there’s more! Since many bears tend to be really tall and stand out above the crowd, I included an alternate version that comes in at 150% the size, giving you a far greater range of heights to work with. So if you want to be a colossal, hulking figure, you can be! It goes without saying that these options come for both the male and the female versions, both of which come with a uniquely made body mesh.

But will I have to run around naked, you may ask. The answer to that is no! For the first time, I also built a custom made set of clothing, so you don’t have to walk around in the buff all the time. Of course if that’s what you want, that’s your thing. But if you do fancy being clothed at times, you can pick between a couple of texture alternatives for each outfit, and better yet, every piece of clothing comes with various states of undress!

The whole package is also very script efficient – you won’t find any lag here! For those technically minded, the nude avatar clocks in at below 128 kilobytes of memory, a far cry from the several megabyte big avatars you tend to see around. Clothing only adds a handful of kb as well, and script time is kept at a constant low. Special care was also taken to keep the amount of textures low, while at the same time keeping the quality high, so you have a nice and crisp rendition of every strand of fur, with the materials on each part really bringing out the detail.

Last but not least, the good old bear bits will get a full overhaul and will get the mesh and materials treatment as well! There will be textures made to match each of the species at release, and owners of the previous set will be eligible to update their bits free of charge, as always.
Speaking of species, the five variations will be American Black Bear, Grizzly, Kodiak, Polar bear, and as a special treat, Pandas! Each package will cost 1200L$ for a box full of goodies, clothing, XL versions etc included!

So be sure to join us on the 17th this month at the GYC – the party starts at 3pm, and we will once again have giveaways of some sort, and of course music and lots of fun!

Additionally we will host another little event at good old Yiff Factory on Sunday the 18th at noon SLT – this will be a small event, but once again music, partying and good times 😀

Lastly, a bit of news. We recently upgraded our vendor system from a custom solution to Caspervend, since my web host has created a lot of problems for me in the past months. Due to this, we had a lot of hiccups during their downtimes and during the migration period.
For redeliveries, please use any vendor terminal to access the caspervend redelivery page. Redelivery by HUD is currently not functioning, but we strive to provide you all with a global update to rectify those issues, so please bear with us while we work on this.

In good news, the new system is a lot more reliable and won’t lose purchases anymore or eat your money. If deliveries can’t be made, you will be refunded, and if you attempt to purchase products you already own, you likewise get your money back. And as a bonus, you are now able to gift purchases from any vendor!

Sergal Update Ad
Hot on the heels of Kinzart’s newest take on the ever-popular sergal avatars, PsiCorp is proud to announce an all-new rendition of the sergal naughty bits.
This time around, done up in 100% mesh, and with greater attention to detail, to make sure they are as close to mick’s references as can be.

The new version’s penis comes in two flavors this time, letting you choose between a sheathed or a slitted version, also including external balls for both options. Furthermore, since all new releases use materials, non-material alternatives are included as well.
The vagina has also been redone from the ground up, sculpted with much more detail, and featuring material based cum effects which look even tastier than before.

The pricing for the male and herm parts has also been adjusted, since two versions plus alternative options are included, bringing them to 500L and 900L for male / herm respectively. If you already own any of these products, you do NOT have to pay anything to update, simply get your redelivery as with any other owned product, free of charge.

To celebrate this new release, we will be having a mini event, this Saturday, 2pm SL time, at the old Yiff Factory. The venue is small, so we can only hold about 20 people, but the event was meant to be a comfy little celebration, with a little “best in sergal” giveaway for 2500L$. So drop on by and say hello, its going to be a fun little party 😀

Anthro Ad GYC
That’s right folks, time for another bits release already!
Come join us this Saturday, May 16, at GYC for another round of partying, and come check out the new shinies that are being released!

What’s the new stuff you might ask? Let me tell you!

Firstly, we’ve got the new Anthro Bits, a total rebuild, started from scratch. So if you love having a humanoid set down there, this one is for you!
It’s 100% mesh based now and fits both anthros and humans equally. The textures are a much higher quality than before, and you get to choose between a realistic set, and a smoother, more painted looking one, so you can wear whichever fits your look better. Also, any male bits starting with this release will support materials!

Second, we have something for all the werewolves out there, the obviously named Werewolf Bits. These are a fusion of canine and humanoid, and are designed specifically for those glorious big beasts that prowl SL, but will also fit on any other avatar you want to put them on. You can choose between more humanoid or more feral texture styles, and you even get sheath textures designed to go specifically with the popular werewolf brands out there!

Lastly, otters of SL rejoice, we finally found enough reference material to make bits for you! So starting this Saturday, you’ll be able to pick up the PsiCorp Otter Bits and have a look made specifically for you!

So be sure to join us this Saturday, I’ll be there to answer all your questions, and there shall be giveaways again, as well!

And as a final teaser, all the sergals of SL will soon get some new and improved treats, so be sure to look forward to that! More news on the subject as work progresses~

For anyone looking to partake in the fertility system but lacking a bits HUD and not wanting to spend 500L$ to get the fertility HUD, a new, cheaper alternative is now available in my stores.
The Basic HUD is in essence the very same HUD that comes with all PsiCorp bits purchases, sold on its own for 100L$. This way, you or your friends, partners or playmates have an easy and cheap way to get in on the fertility fun, no matter which brand of bits they prefer.

Infested Ad Web

Time has arrived, the Infestation is coming, and it is spreading! Four strands have been identified, with various sub-patterns, each of them as twisted and exciting as its brethren.  Soon, you all will be able to join in, and to even spread the gift, turning your friends or victims into drones, fill them with your eggs, or enjoy your newfound toys in any which way you like.

Be sure to mark this weekend in your calendars, since two parties are going to happen. One on Saturday, 2pm SLT at GYC, another on Sunday, at the Dirty Paws club at New German Fu at 1pm SLTr. Come on by and join in the fun, and watch as all four strands will be available for you to see and get your hands on, as well as raffles for money or products.

What is the cost to become infested you may ask? And what do you get from it?
Each pack will go at 1000L$, and will be well worth the money, for not only does every strand come with many rigged and shiny pieces, you gain two styles as well, a queen and drone variant, the pieces of which may mix and match freely. Furthermore, a penis and vagina to match each strand is included, and even a full fledged fertility HUD, which is 500L on its own. And better yet, via the pregnancy system, you’ll be able to give your partners a drone kit as well, to turn them into your infested kin!

So keep watch for this weekend, the infestation is spreading, and it’s coming for you!

Shark Bits Ad

It’s that time again folks! New bits for the masses~

So what shinies are in this release? Let me tell you!

  • Sharks – yes, finally official PsiCorp shark bits! Two versions too, one more fantasy based doublecock in a slit, and one true-to-life clasper version as seen on actual sharks
  • Hyena – male and female both, yes, that means pseudophallus for female hyenas if you want it!
  • Kangaroo – something long untouched, now done up in mesh, built just like the real deal
  • Cloaca – for those avians and scalies who want something accurate. Vagina and tailhole in one object basically

So when can you get it? This saturday, October 11th, at 2pm SL time. I’ll be hosting a release event over at YIFF, so come along and party, there will be raffles again, too 😀

So once again its time for yet another bag of goodies!

This time, I’ve revisited the breasts. Not that they are a particularly old product, but now that fitted mesh based rigging is available, I went and made them compatible with said rigging. So starting Saturday, you’ll be able to re-deliver yourself those breasts and enjoy rigged goodness. The classic, non-rigged version is also still included of course.
So what advantage does rigged mesh boobs give, you might ask? A few, really

  • They’ll fit right out of the box and be in the right spot
  • They are going to respond to your breast slider settings, so make em bigger, smaller, change how much they’ll sag etc
  • They now support avatar physics, so enjoy your bouncy breasts!

But there is more!
Ever wanted a nice set of multi-breasts but couldn’t find anything? Well, now you can have those too!
Starting Saturday, you’ll be able to buy rigged multi-breasts, which get you a set of six or a set of four in the same box. Also, if you would rather wear those teats with a different set of breasts – simple. Just unlink them, link them to any other PsiCorp breasts post-update and wear them again. Don’t even have to line them up, the rigging does that for you.
Also, there’s going to be a set of simple, low impact mesh nipples now, in case you really just want some nipples to wear on your body. These come non-rigged, so you can freely position them and scale them and all.

Lastly, for those who just want it all and want to save money, I’ll be offering a bundle at 2000L$. This includes all PsiCorp breasts and the nipples, so those 2k get you a value of 2650L$! – So if you’re looking to collect ’em all or just save money, this is the choice for you.

So when’s this going to happen? This saturday, July 19th at YIFF, at 2pm SL time. There’s going to be a party once more, and L$ or product giveaways!

Breasts Ad

Yes folks, the wait is over 😀 – after months and months, the dragons are done, packaged up, and ready to be put into your hands starting this Saturday. First of all, let’s do a quick rundown about what they can do:

  • You get both a dynamic material version in your box, as well as a full duplicate with pre-rendered textures and the SL body
  • Script use is extremely low. 10 scripts only, and around 160kb of memory, so very little indeed!
  • There are 15 standard colors, most based off of precious gems and metals
  • For the shiny lovers, 10 latex versions. Full black and full white, and a black + color assortment
  • Also, two special editions, with their own unique set of textures. Fire and Ice, these come as materials only, built to show off the things you can do with materials!
  • Of course, male and female versions come in the same box, and for the materials version, you get an androgynous body option as well
  • Furthermore, the avatars come with a set of hair and head jewelry
  • Also included are a texture applier as well as the required textures to make a matching look for the PsiCorp or other lolas compatible breasts
  • The av comes with a handy unpacker that makes it easy for you to get the av of your choice, aka male/female or materials/non-materials
  • Lastly, the PsiCorp dragon bits have been updated with scaly texture options to match

Now for the money part! Each av will be priced at 1.200 L$, including the special editions. They are new products, not an upgrade of the old dragons, but I will look into the possibility of offering one-off discounts to the owners of old dragon avs. A direct upgrade however isn’t possible for multiple reasons.

So when can you get them? Come join the party at YIFF this Saturday at 2pm SL time! From that point on out, they’ll be available from any PsiCorp vendor and on the marketplace.

Dragon Avatar Ad Web

Dragon Bits Ad

So, I’ve been at it again, and made some new fun parts 😀

To sum it up, I’ve gone and made a series of dragon related bits, four in total, and on top of that, reworked the old dragon bits into mesh and gave it a facelift that way. Here’s a little introduction on each of the models:

  • Aqua Dragon: A nice mix of aquatic designs with dragon influences. Fairly long, and quite uniquely shaped, smooth, but with fun bumps and a curve to it.
  • Breeder Dragon: It comes with fun ridges, and also a knot! Perfect for breeder type characters, or people who love dragons and knots and just really want both together in one bit.
  • Dragon: The good old favorite, now redone and better! Script count got cut in half, and it has the poses you’ve come to expect from my models, as well as all those texture  options, too!
  • Ridgeback: Sleek, simple, but with a series of fun ridges on the underside of it. A nice alternative to the dragon bits.
  • Wind Dragon: Long, slick looking, with fun ridges and a well defined glans. Also, prehensile. Should look awesome on tall, sleek avatars, but suited for many applications, as are all the others.

So when can you get your hands on them? Fear not, you only have to hold out until Saturday, 2 pm SL time for those to go live. Expect the standard 350 / 750 L$ pricing for the male / herm options. They all come with the expected features, the new HUD and texture applier, and each have 7 different texture options, again including a grey scale for custom colors.

Also, I will be having a release party again, too! Join us at YIFF, Saturday the 15th at 2 pm SL time for a party, which will once again include a giveaway raffle! I’ll announce what it will be once the date rolls around, so be sure to attend and have a great time there 😀

Lastly, with “Project Fitted Mesh” having gone live, I will look toward new avatars utilizing this technology, so expect to hear more of that soon. I will be updating this page with screenshots and further information as it unfolds. And oh yes. Expect materials being used, too. Shiny!


v5 Bits release

Yes, time for a full on update once again folks 😀 – took me quite a long while this time around, but I
finally have everything at a point where I can get it out and into your hands.
Of course, I would bet you all are quite eager to hear a little more about what actually is in this release, so I’ll get right to it. Here’s a brief introduction of what all you can look forward to:

  • A large round of bugfixing. Check the changelog further down, I took care of a lot of both general bugs and ones that only affected specific bits. Yes, the dragon color change bug is gone now!
    I did a lot of extensive testing for this, so there should be significantly less bugs now compared to v4/v4.1. Also, modding got cleaned up a bit and is now making more sense and more stable.
  • An all new bits HUD! I basically rewrote it from the bottom up, and it uses only about 1/10th the prim count of the old one, and was optimized and cleaned up a lot. So enjoy a prettier and much more responsive HUD with v5. Among other things, you now can control up to 5 bits of any type, even if they are the same type. So double-cock users rejoice! Furthermore, you may now scale bits via the HUD (yes even those linked in a herm set), so making adjustments doesn’t require edit mode any longer now for most things. And as extra goodie, you can now access the redelivery page from the HUD! So update from anywhere from now on.
  • Texture appliers! People who are familiar with the Lolas Tango tits are going to know how this works. Pop a texture in, click it, and texture appears on tits. Except mine not only work with Tango tits, but also with my own. And all my other bits. So no more notecard fussing, and an easy way to market your custom cock/etc textures safely.
  • Mesh boobs! Yes, those were a long time coming, but now they are here. And not just one set, but a whole four of them! Different sizes and shapes should make it easy to pick a set that suits your mood and fits your character. Whether you like big boobs, or want something for the more mature ladies or just want smaller and perky, there is something for you now. And lining up your avatar texture is easier than ever, thanks to the simple appliers that do the job for you as long as you have the texture on hand. And before you ask, yes, I will definitely deliver multiboobs. But since I like delivering quality, they will be a rigged mesh product once “project fitted mesh” is released. That way I can ensure that your lovely six-pack will move with your body properly and conform to your shape as it should!
  • A pregnancy HUD! Yes, no more mama allpa or human focused or restraining HUDs. This is for the roleplayers and for the people who just sometimes want realism to be optional. And for all those who want their species and gender reflected by this system. So yes, I support herms, shemales, cuntbois and the works. And any species you want. Configure your cycle settings, how many offspring you get, even multi-pregnancy is in. Oh, and oviposition, too. And yes, you can do oviposition on people who usually can’t get pregnant, as long as they have a HUD. As a bonus, while the full pregnancy HUD is sold on it’s own (think of it as a heavily upgraded bits HUD), the default bits HUD now comes with a basic, male only menu. So you won’t have to make your desired partners buy a HUD first before you can get into some fun time either.
  • A bondage and control API! This was again often requested, and I delivered. The CCS API is a safe, secure way to relinquish control of your bits – and pregnancy HUD! – to other people. Or things. Like tentacle playsets. Yes. And for those people who noticed the pregnancy HUD tie-in, yes that means you can force insemination and oviposition, so RLV-based fun can now result in some more long-term repercussions if that’s your thing. Of course, you can set varying levels of privacy for the API, as well as turn it off completely if that’s not your thing. Additionally, the API is fully documented for anyone to work with, so if you want to include it in your toys, there is no licensing or anything! See the link further down for the full documentation.
  • A promise of things to come! More releases are scheduled for december, as well as for the coming year. Among other things, a new gas mask, as well as a new avatar later on in early 2014, using materials as well. Basically expect a rebirth of an old favorite on that one. Also some reworked cock models as well as a few all-new designs. Dragons should look forward to these coming months, but there will be fun for other people and species as well!


So that sums that up quite nicely I  believe. With that said,there is of course the release party info. I will once again be giving out some L$ and some bits, so be sure to show up at the events to get a nice chance at those prizes! Of course, come and have some fun as well! Release dates and times are as follows:

  • November 30th at 2pm SL time at Sharkfins club
  • December 1st at 2pm SL time at YIFF

Check the PsiCorp Customers group for announcements, I will be passing around landmarks before the events again, as usual!


So in additional info, two more things. First of all, some special thanks for special people:

  • My mate of course, for being there and putting up with me being in a less than good mood after some long and stressful days
  • My super close friend Dae, who served as lead tester during development, and who was there near every day to poke at things and break them so I can get it just right
  • Mitchy, an awesome husky, who helped me set up a support system and did an awesome job at refurbishing my back-end systems

That said, here are the respective links that were mentioned above: