Introducing the Animesh Monster & Ovipositor

I’ve been at it yet again, playing with animesh. This time, the monster and ovipositor got their turn, since I figured they’d really benefit from what animesh has to offer.

The result is two wiggly, squirmy bits that look real nice, the ovipositor especially focusing on a more prehensile and tentacle like move set. In addition, I added egg laying animations, which really bring the whole thing together, as well as some much better egg textures compared to the originals. The ovipositor got fully redone, on the monster I kept the base model since I really loved the design from back then, but gave it a new sheath and some new textures to be in line with the animesh styles. And of course, can’t forget the animations!

As with all of our releases, there will be the regular and deluxe versions, the latter including our fertility HUD, offering you some money saving options if you don’t already own one. If you do, remember, you will be able to redeliver the HUD box which will include the new flavors of HUD.
Pricing will be as usual, with the regular coming in at 1200L$ and the deluxe at 1500L$.

For the release events, this time we are flipping it around a bit, with the dates being as follows:

  • Saturday, June 27th, 2pm SLT at The Ark
  • Sunday, June 28th, noon SLT at GYC

Be sure to drop by, we’ll be showing the new parts off on stage, and we’ll have our traditional raffles again as well! And of course this will be THE spot to be to get your hands on the new naughty bits~


  1. And here i hoped some female bits finally get some animesh love.
    The sergal vagina would be the best thing to give animesh features.. Oh well.

    1. There will be little to no point to most female bits, since they just don’t really animate much at all, and using that much resources for that little effect is just wasteful. The sergal vagina however /will/ see animesh upgrades at some point, alongside the sergal male parts, it’s on my list.
      Just don’t expect animesh vaginas of the regular flavor, I understand that the label itself might sell more, but there just.. isn’t really much of a reason for it

      1. That is kind of an unacceptable explanation.
        You literally could say the same about cocks there as well. Aside from sliding out of the sheath or slit, what is there to animate?
        So a vagina opening animation with animesh has the same appeal like a animated cock unsheathing. Sure you can play around with bending and all but it again has the same effect as the old bits, just hanging there. So both bits have the very same use for animesh. Sounds more like a personal preference thing.

        1. Unacceptable how? For male genitals, there is the different states that are very prominent and visible, you can make long, detailed animations for state transitions etc, you have the throb/bounce/stroke etc.
          For a vagina? You have the labia closed, then you have it open a bit more, and… that’s it.
          I mean even my girlfriend agrees with me on that matter 😛 – besides let’s not forget that during intercourse most vaginas would just be eclipsed by the overly endowed anthro males SL features so prominently. It’s by no means personal preference, there just really.. isn’t much of a reason aside from being able to label it as animesh.

          Additionally, the way my male parts handle tilt right now, while saving a metric ton of extra animations, renders linking other bits to it impossible, so full animesh herms could only be a thing for premium accounts anyways, and even if I redid every single of my animesh bits to allow for linking, it would still cause the headache of having to work two objects off of a now merged skeleton without any issues, and while adding yet more animation combinations to allow for tilt/rotate of the vagina. It’s essentially a huge amount of work for a miniscule visual difference.

    1. At some point I would love to rework them, yes! I do have a ton of things going on atm and planned for the near future, but this is definitely a thing I would like to do.

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