News update: Survey results, development progress, and closed beta!

News update: Survey results, development progress, and closed beta!

So, a lot of ground to cover in this news update, so I best get started.

First of all, a big thank you for everyone who completed the survey about the bits HUD. The info really helped me get ideas, and confirm a few thoughts I had as for what people might want. I might do things like this again in the future when I write other big feature things, since this has proven to be a very nice way to find out what people like.

That said, some points of information about the results that stood out to me:

  • People generally seemed in favor of a pregnancy system
  • Out of those, the majority would be willing to purchase it separately, the general suggested price point was between 2-900 L$
  • A lot of people wanted support for their species and/or gender
  • Most people considered a low-lag system to be important
  • Also quite a few considered the poseball animation system quite useful
  • For the master/pet control system, most people wanted a HUD-Tie-in or both that as well as plugin scripts

With that said, let me move on to talk about the two things I’ve been working on the last two weeks: The fertility system and CCS.

Firstly, what is the fertility system about? Basically, pregnancy of various forms. And given the input I received and the plans I had for it, I had a very clear vision as for what its role was among other systems. I wanted something that is tailored to the world of roleplayers, where reality can be bent, and where most anything can be tweaked to someone’s preference. Basically a system for /you/, not just for your generic male/female coupling.
After some thinking, I decided that yes, selling it separately for the pregnancy options will be the best course of action. I poured a lot of work into it, and I think I’ve really got something fun here. I’m still deciding on the price, but expect it to be between 500 and 750 L$ when it launches.
So without any more ranting, here’s a feature overview:

  • Support for seven genders plus a custom option. This means all those herms, shemales, futanari etc can have a HUD that reflects their gender. And if your gender is something really unique, the custom option has you covered.
  • The gender of your children is influenced by the gender of the parents. Yes, all seven supported. This means you can have herm kids etc, or even kids of that custom gender you or your partner has
  • Support for any species, again with some pre-set names and custom options
  • Support for hybrid children if you so choose
  • Multi-pregnancy! Are you a character who is able to become pregnant multiple times at the same time? Again, this HUD has got you covered.
  • Custom cycle lengths. While setting up, you will be asked your desired cycle length for fertile and in-fertile phase, supporting anything from minutes to months
  • Custom everything! Not only cycle lengths, but also fertility settings, the length of your pregnancy, your average clutch/litter/what have you size. Everything can be chosen freely.
  • A “check area” event. Looking to find some fun and want to breed someone? This will tell you who in the room is in heat, or pregnant, or just wanting some. And don’t worry ladies, there is a privacy mode against snoopers.
  • Oviposition support! Yes you heard right. If you like laying eggs in people, you can now do so. Even if that person can’t even get pregnant! The system will still record it for them to see
  • Details! Cum inside your partner while wearing a condom, or receive small fertility chance bonuses if you have a knot, flare, or barbs
  • Mutual partner adding, so if you want to do a nice herm on herm session or similar and flip the tables, you only need to add once and can breed each other.
  • Multiple partner support! Have up to 12 concurrent active partners, add and remove them with ease.
  • Orgy support! Want to have fun with multiple people to make it more random who the father could be? Yep, thats possible.
  • BSDM support via the CCS API. Tons of possibilities! Build tentacle playsets that perform oviposition, force-impregnate people, or lock down your sub to automatically accept any partner requests, or put them in chastity instead
  • Low impact! The whole fertility package only adds 2 scripts to the HUD
  • Inclusive instead of exclusive! The basic male options will come with the standard psicorp bits HUD!

Now about the CCS API. I bet by now you’ve been wondering what the heck that is, right?
Well, let me sum it up. CCS stands for the Chastity & Control System, which is a fancy term for a series of scripting hooks that have been built into the pregnancy HUD as well as the naughty parts.

So.. what can you do with them? This:

  • Make chastity belts that disallow the wearer to control their own bits, or that prevent people from using the pregnancy system
  • Make collar plugins for opencollar and other systems, that allow the dom to take over control of the sub’s bits
  • Build bondage furniture or monster/tentacle play-sets that can interact with someone’s bits, modify arousal, or impregnate someone
  • Create toys that lock down the states of your bits, like a dildo that automatically modifies your tailhole/vagina while you use it
  • Modify the wearers arousal, make them cum, etc. Great for things like TiS plugins or lots of other stuff!
  • A lot of other things. The functions allow for a lot of control,  so be creative! I will be releasing a sampling of objects using CCS along with the v5.0 release

This covers most of the features right there. I hope you all like what I came up with; I certainly had a lot of fun thinking it all up and making it work. This brings me to the next part, the closed beta.

Basically, with something so big as the pregnancy system, I want some more eyes on the project. I had a dear friend sit with me for those 2 weeks, working through every function to make sure the bugs were taken care of, and now that everything appears to be in order, I want a handful of people to give it some more testing. To tell me whether it’s responsive enough, easy enough to understand, and whether the settings and probabilities feel right to you. I’m also open for other feedback, and will implement that as I can.

Now what am I looking for, as far as beta testers go?
Generally, I want someone who is willing to put a little time to the task, try it out with other people,  or to just run it through the paces using the included tester objects. Someone who is up for running multiple tests, trying out different settings, seeing if anything breaks or feels off. And someone who gives me feedback, who tells me if something breaks, and even better, how they managed to break it so that I can fix it. And someone who understands that this is a beta, so some things may be subject to change. If something breaks or generally is bad, complain to me please, not your friends. I’m here to make it better after all.
What I’m NOT after is someone who just uses the HUD for personal pleasure and never once talks to me about it.

So.. what’s in it for you?
Well, all of you who participate will receive the final build for free! Also, I may include some of the CCS stuff I will be making in as well, possible some more, on  a case by case basis. So if that caught your interest, and if you want to tinker with this new system, please drop me a notecard or an IM for an application, and I’ll consider you!


Well, that was quite a wall of text, but this concludes this update. While the beta runs, I will be working on new stuff (boobs, CCS features) and will keep you posted on that as I make it happen!

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