Today, various bugfixes and improvements were released again. The list of changes includes the following:

  • Bento Vaginas
    • BOM now defaults to on
    • eBody: Fixed erroneous normals causing a visible shading difference
    • eBody: Implemented the material synchronization script, the vagina should now immediately match your body correctly on attach
    • Fixed some broken social media links on HUD
  • Tiger Kit
    • Fixed a duplicate fluff being present on female/bitch heads, causing potential texture glitches
    • Fixed some macro hands/feet having wrongly named parts, resulting in texturing issues
    • Fixed various smaller claws/pads issues
    • Fixed duplicate tail options in macro unpack HUD
    • Fixed HUD script not handling out eBody on “All” option
    • Fixed some broken social media links on HUD
  • Gargoyle Kit
    • Added the gargoyle kits to the marketplace and main store vendors now that Abnormality concluded
    • Fixed a Maitreya claws set not responding correctly to HUD

As with all updates, please use any inworld redelivery terminal or vendor to receive the latest version! The exception to the rule this time is the eBody Bento Vaginas because of the additional features and fixes received, this will be delivered to you automatically.

Should you find any other issues, please make sure to report them on, or use our discord under!

Looking at the long history of PsiCorp, it quickly becomes evident that our customers’ input has always been a valuable source of improvement, ranging from product suggestions to bug reports, to any sort of feedback, both positive and negative.

Nowadays, with more ways to contact us than ever and leave us feedback, we do however notice at times that it would be nice to have, well, more input. Generally we try and estimate what people want, what and how to make, and think about what features would be useful to have. And somewhat recently, with the addition of a beta tester group, it has become easier to ensure that these products launch with few issues, usually.

Though we still want to put out an active invitation for feedback, to let everyone know that yes, we hear you, we /want/ to hear you, no matter what you may have to say, as long as it is honest. Let us know what you’d like to see for products, for new features, or if there are areas you’d like to see us improve upon. If there are issues we may have no idea about to begin with, even. Communication, advertising, blogging, customer support, product quality, compatibility, social media – anything goes.

The best ways to do so would be either through the tickets on, or on our official discord, on, where we have dedicated support and suggestions forums as well, useful especially if you’re looking for more of a public discussion.

We look forward to hearing from you, and view this as a great opportunity to learn and improve!

As of this post, updates are available for several products, meant to address reported bugs. As per usual, please use the caspervend redelivery function (terminals in any inworld location or interacting with a vendor to access the menu) in order to receive the updated versions.

Issues addressed in this release:

  • Voidbeast
    • Fixed missing Belleza Jake body glow
    • Fixed “All” option on unpacker not giving out eBody parts
    • Fixed fit issue on Nova Female digilegs
    • Fixed body spikes not toggling back on after hiding
    • Updated links in unpacker script, discord link works again
    • Fixed minor typo in Animesh Voidbeast Penis vendor picture
  • Animesh Monster Penis
    • Fixed naming issues with XL and XXL versions (XL pierced appeared to be missing)
  • Animesh Natural Canine Penis
    • Fixed regular Fat Pack not including a HUD

After a long wait, it is finally time again for new animesh bits! This time, we’ll be releasing the Animesh Cervine and Bovine penis!
Both designs are based off of their original models, but have been greatly overhauled and detailed up. Meshes and textures have been redone from scratch and look a lot more detailed than before, as well as more detailed than previous animesh models!

As with all our bits, expect smooth, fluid animations as well as detailed textures and messy effects like the 3d cum! Textures also have been built with the upcoming PBR update in mind, making it easier to migrate over once this update comes.

These will likely be the last bits to be built in the old materials style, going forward, once the new PBR materials update launches, we will transition over to this new system for the massive visual improvements we are likely to obtain from it! Expect news on the planned Animesh 5.0 update in the future as well, there are some big changes coming!

For parties and prices, we will offer these bits at the usual price of 1200L$ for regular and 1500L$ for the deluxe (including the fertility version of the HUD). Events will be held at the following times and places:

  • Saturday, February 18th, Noon SLT – The Ark
  • Sunday, Februrary 19th, 2pm SLT – Chill

As usual, we will have a nice party with music and raffles, so make sure to come visit and get your hands on the new releases!

After a successful launch of our new Gargoyle avatars at Abnormality, a few smaller issues have come to light. Today, an update was released to address the reported issues, which involve the following items:

  • Fixed the bento wings not correctly switching between animations
  • Fixed the “cloak” pose not playing correctly on bento wings
  • Fixed a mesh disconnect with the claws on the large bento wings
  • Fixed the horns not correctly hiding the no-horn alternate mesh on all heads
  • Fixed a crosstalk issue among multiple rezed out pedestals
  • Various smaller tweaks to HUD to hopefully fix smaller issues
  • Added a blender file to the texture dev kit to assist baking textures between horn/no-horn head parts
  • Separated out head, top and legs BOM textures to system skin, the BOM universal now covers limbs/wings only to allow tattoos/overlays to work correctly

As with all updates, please visit any inworld location and find a redelivery terminal or vendor and access its menu!

As of this post, there is a fix available targeting the Animesh Ovipositor, addressing an issue where the bits were rendered entirely unresponsive. If you are affected by this, please redeliver your purchase via any inworld location, either via the redelivery terminals or touching a vendor to access the menu!

After what was a very successful weekend thanks to you all, it is time to address a handful of issues that cropped up with the Vernid avatars. The full changelog is listed here, for updates, please visit any inworld location to access the redelivery terminals, or touch any vendor to open the menu and choose redelivery there!

  • Fixed the female heads not having asymmetrical texture options on the face object
  • Fixed the leg fluff on some legs not texturing
  • Fixed a materials seam on the cheek fluff
  • Fixed rig issues on Maitreya/Jake digilegs
  • Added links to the Royal devkits to the Royal packs
  • Correctly added the Vernid rigging devkit to the manual
  • Updated Texture devkit & custom appliers to include fixed fluff specular map
  • Fixed tail fluff responding when ear fluff was being toggled

In the near future, I will additionally start clearing some of my bug report backlog that accumulated working on the Vernids, as well as finally implementing the rigging fixes needed on the bento vaginas, along with tackling any other open issues regarding them!

It is time for a new avatar once again! This time around, we tackled the popular Vernids, created by LiLaiRa! Also a special thank you to my fiancée for making this possible and getting me in touch with them!

After some long hours refining them, I can finally get these avs into your hands! As with all avatar kits, they’ll have some nice, detailed face animations, all aimed at capturing the slightly crazed demeanor of these guys and gals! Additionally, they are very customizable: The heads feature various fur and scale detail toggles, letting you dial in your preferred style, while each color comes both with and without arm and leg scales on the skin!

Furthermore, the tail and body fluff items also come in several variations, allowing for even more variation!

BOM (aka Bakes On Mesh) is also supported out of box, and the appropriate skins will be included as well of course! And let’s not forget the hypno eyes!

Also, Royal versions will be offered as well! For anyone curious, Royal vernids are a paid version of the otherwise free to own/make your own species, featuring horns, as well as a different set of male genitals (oh yes, did I mention the animesh Vernid penis, also releasing alongside this?). These will both be available for people new to the species via both an add-on and a mega-pack (imagine a royal vernid fat pack), which will include the 25$ MYO payment toward the artist. If you already are an owner of a Royal Vernid, there will be means in place to manually verify this and let you access the upgrades etc without the extra fee, of course!

For compatibility, they will support Maitreya, Legacy, eBody Reborn, the slink Physique line, Belleza and signature bodies, as well as our own Nova bodies. In the future, more models will be added!
Please keep in mind the need to obtain a flat chest mod for any female base bodies as well, Vernids do not possess breasts!

Pricing wise, the base kits will run 1200L$, the addons, fat packs etc will be priced accordingly, with fat packs designed to save 50% over buying the lot color by color!

Lastly, release times and dates!

  • Saturday, Nov 12th – Noon SLT at Knotty Beach
  • Sunday, Nov 13th – Noon SLT at YIFF

We look forward to seeing you there, and are excited to hear what you have to say about them!

Today, I updated several smaller avatar related issues, the details are as follows:

  • Dragon – fixed small tail looking strangely deformed
  • Dragonwolf – fixed macro hands deformation
  • Tiger – fixed marketplace listings not updated to latest release#
  • Claws & Pads – fixed maitreya high pads not rigged correctly

As with all releases, please visit any inworld store and find a redelivery terminal, or touch any vendor to access its menu in order to obtain the latest versions!

As of now, there is a major update available for all Animesh & Bento vagina products, containing new body support, improvements and fixes.
Additionally, a bugfix for the Animesh Ovipositor and Animesh Fertility HUD products has been released as well.

New products to support the following bodies has been added:

  • eBody Reborn
  • Inthium Kupra
  • Dev Nana

Additionally, full support for Slink “Redux” bodies has been added to the Slink version of the Bento vagina.

Improvements and bugfixes:

  • All Bento vaginas now correctly use auto-hide scripts where available.
  • All Bento vaginas had their fit improved, visible gaps or shimmering should be gone or reduced as much as possible.
  • Sex toy visibility has been retimed to try and prevent early hiding, additionally, sextoys now fade out on animation end rather than simply hiding.
  • Body animations have been re-imported on higher priority to stop them from being overridden on accident.
  • An issue has been fixed that caused a body animation to keep playing sometimes.
  • Using oviposition during sex toy animations now behaves properly, and first correctly ends the sex toy animations before starting oviposition.
  • Fixed Omega appliers not correctly applying materials to the vagina
  • Fixed the gaped twitch animation not playing correctly on some variants.
  • Fixed wrong particle emitter position on some variants.

Additional fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the Animesh Ovipositor that prevented the egg laying animations from playing
  • Fixed an issue where the fertility HUD box contained the regular animesh HUD
  • Fixed an outdated manual link in the fertility HUD manual notecard

Known issues:

  • The bento vaginas currently respond badly to the hip length shape slider. To circumvent this, please set it near the neutral position. A fix is available, but can currently not be imported yet, likely due to some import/export related bugs. This will be addressed in a future update.

To receive the newest version, please visit any inworld store location or use the landmark included in your purchases, and find a caspervend redelivery terminal!