Brought to you by another collab of PsiCorp and RAPTORDOG – the Gargoyle avatar kit!
The nod toward the familiar cartoon show might be quite obvious to those who remember it, and that was the inspiration behind making this avatar. Designed by RAPTORDOG’s own Verity Voxel, these will be available exclusively at Abnormality, starting at Februrary 7th!

The avatars contain the usual complement of features you’ve come to expect – bento heads, moveable tails and wings, wide compatibility with popular mesh bodies, BOM support etc – but for this one we also came up with a few extra tricks!

  • Animesh wings! – As a first, this avatar kit will contain both the standard bento wings, as well as animesh versions. These make full use of what animesh can do, and offer much more detailed animations!
  • A stone form! – Much like in the classic show, all colors also include a set of stone textures with the appropriate appliers, as well as the possibility to use either regular, white glowing or stone texture effects for the eyes!
  • Manes! – Both a regular, tintable version as well as a stone version! Enjoy a rigged mane to go along with the avatar!
  • Pedestals! – What good would stone forms be without a place to perch? And hey, those poses look familiar…

Pricing for the avatar kits will be 1200L$; a fat pack will also be available, containing all 7 colors for 3350L$! They will be available starting February the 7th, starting at noon SLT for early access, or 3pm SLT for everyone else! The event will run until February the 28th, midnight SLT, until this time, the avatar will be available exclusively at the Abnormality event!

As of this post, a major update has been released for all animesh genitals. This has been in the works since our latest release and was aimed at standardizing and improving the usability of the Animesh HUD in particular, as well as improvements to the Canine variants as well. To that end, we implemented the following features and updates:

An all new visual style

This was one of the main things I wanted to address. To clean up the old, often cluttered looking HUD graphics, and to develop a new, much cleaner style for the user interface, with more clearly laid out buttons and more easily understandable graphics. This also involved touching up on the vagina/tailhole pages, which hadn’t seen any visual changes in a long time, and still used an even older visual style. Furthermore, we cleaned up some unused buttons, as well as changed some button graphics to be more consistent with their function, and in some cases added some help text – in particular to the scaling buttons, which don’t serve any function on animesh penises, but still do function for vagina/tailhole attachments.

One-for all HUD

This has been a goal of mine for as long as the animesh series existed, finding ways to merge all the various species-centric HUDs into one. A way forward has been found, and as of this release, species-centric animesh HUDs/Fertility HUDs are a thing of the past. Please note that the animesh HUDs do NOT work with v6.x bits and vice versa. Also keep in mind that the new HUD will also ONLY work with current, updated animesh genitals. It will NOT work with any animesh genitals dated before today, you must update in order to use them with the new HUD.

New animations

The poseball system by now was quite old, so it too has been redone virtually from the ground up. The dialog menus have been rewritten and reformatted, alongside a current-day pose adjust menu. I also rewrote the way animations play, eliminating the animation permission dialog upon sitting on the poseballs, and dropping a script from the HUD in the process. Most notably, we replaced ALL animations with two dozen new adult animations by ::R:a:W:a:G:e::, as well as several cuddles by [Polymorph].

Less memory use, more stability

Due to the extensive rewrites done to virtually every bit of code, the new memory footprint is about 15% lower than before, which means a respectable 50kb of script memory savings. It also runs on one less script than before due to improvements on the poseball control system. Furthermore, merging and rearranging script code, as well as removing old code for now unsupported items – more down below – should also ensure a much more robust setup, and out-of-memory crashes in the main HUD systems should now no longer occur.

Canine improvements

As part of this update, the animesh canine bits, being the oldest, also saw some TLC. Most notably, many of the animations got a bit of a polish pass, making them more detailed and fluid in places. Some minor rigging issues also got resolved, as well as a minor hard edge on certain knot sizes having been removed. Material settings got some small tweaks as well, making the flesh overall glossier.

Pulling support for 6.x breasts

Also as part of this update, we are discontinuing the old 6.x breasts line. The product has not seen any changes in years, and with mesh bodies being a reality for years now, has seen very low demand. Additionally, the lack of Omega support or any modern tech in them has often left customers with products that don’t tie in with their items properly. Thus I made the decision to pull those products from sale. This does not affect you if you already own them, however new purchases will no longer be available.


Another major change implemented as of this post is unpackers for all new releases, including the updated animesh bits. We bid farewell to the rezable product boxes we used to have, and now introduce new, wearable unpacker HUDs. They’ll present you with a range of options, offering 1-click unpack for anything from bits to avatars, giving you direct access to the unpacker’s gender selection, as well as providing direct access to our blog, SL group, discord server, twitter and helpdesk links. This means you now can finally unpack even in no-rez areas without any hassle, as well as access all of our community and support sites directly.

Bugs and issues

This was a MAJOR undertaking for me, a great many lines of code changed, and significant changes were made all over the place, ontop of the new unpackers etc. If you find any issues with the new systems, please do report them on our helpdesk, found at or via the link in the new unpackers. We did a lot of testing, but it’s likely we didn’t catch it all with something this complex, so please do report any issues so they can be resolved!

The future

What is in store next? Broadly speaking, more animesh bits are coming up next, WIPs will be posted in our discord. Beyond that, another awesome avatar collaboration with Raptordog is planned, as well as a similar update and standardization project for our recent avatars (wolf/fox and newer). Stay tuned for details on this one, it will be another larger undertaking, but it will bring all recent avatars onto a common level and improve many aspects of them, add new features, as well as address open issues.

As with all updates, redeliveries for existing customers are free. Simply visit any inworld store and find a redelivery terminal, or alternatively touch any vendor to access its menu. This also includes the fertility HUD box, which now only includes the 6.x series HUD as well as the animesh one, rather than the individual species HUDs

We are back once again here, this time with some amazing news! We’d like to announce an epic collaboration today, between PsiCorp and the truly amazing artist Mindmachine! They’ve become quite famous on FurAffinity, and possess a very unique, awesome style. Having completed some work for them, the thought of a collaboration eventually arose, and soon we made more concrete plans.

Have a sample of their amazing art below, and check out their FA page here.


As a first, we will be creating a new head base to be sold separately, much like other head blanks already on the market, except with a very unique, and above all, dominant styling. The initial sketch can be seen below:


Work on this head is already underway, and we’ll have further previews for you coming up soon!
Feature wise, we will be creating a male AND female version with very distinct features, which will also receive a full Bento rig. What that means for you is that you’ll receive a head that will have animated facial expressions, talking animations, and poseable ears. Additionally it will respond to many SL head shape sliders, allowing you to tweak the dimensions to your liking. We’ll also be making it very compatible with rigged hair, of course!

Also take note that this head – and future mod parts – will not be limited to just the Avatar Core bodies, but instead be created to be a much more general use attachmen!

With that said, this is likely only the first step in what may be a long line of mod parts in Mindmachine’s style – and potentially more elaborate projects in the future! All of these will not only be designed by Mindmachine but feature textures made by them, so expect a really new, and amazing style in this line.


Stay tuned for more updates, and eventually info on the release date for these!

We are happy and proud to announce the biggest release in PsiCorp’s history – our Avatar Core 2.0 update!
After long months of hard work, we are finally ready to get this truly huge update into your hands. In fact, in a mere two weeks you will be able to both update all your current Avatar Core mesh bodies, as well as get your hands on a pile of new products. With almost 40 products to be released, this easily is the largest product release we’ve ever done. So without further ado, let’s talk about all the things that will be introduced as part of this release / update.


First of all, we wanted to fix a few bugs with the existing bodies, as well as introduce new features in order to provide more value for your hard-earned lindens.
As such, all mesh bodies – existing and newly created – will now come with these additional features and fixes:

  • Some general polishing on the avatar mesh, fixing a few minor issues, mainly around the neck.
  • A re-export of all meshes in order to minimize any flickering seam issues that were apparent before
  • All mesh bodies now have a nipple layer, including a good range of nipple options for you to choose from, allowing you to use PG skins on your bodies and have high detail nipples in place anyways.
  • The ability to show/hide the upper and lower halves of the clothing layers separately, allowing you to, for example, remove your shirt/bra separately from your pants/underwear.
  • Female and androgynous bodies also have been fitted with a rigged vagina, based off of our Mesh Vagina product. Enjoy a full-featured, multi state vagina, which can be easily controlled and hidden if needed.
  • The example/creator files have been redone and will benefit from greatly improved fidelity in their shading, allowing skin and mod creators to utilize higher quality base files. These files also will form the basis for all our upcoming avatars, also boosting their quality.


Next – as can be seen from the picture leading this post – we wanted to create more variety for our avatar kits, as well as introduce more variety into the mesh body market as a whole. As such, we created two entire new lines of bodies, centered around different ideas. From now on our mesh body lines will be referred to as follows:

  • Type A – the original. Built to closely conform to the standard SL avatar shape but made to offer a smoother, higher res and flexible alternative, it has been a great seller over the last year and formed the base for our avatar kit system
  • Type B – the strong ones. Created from the sculpts we used to define our muscular normal maps, this body features a good deal more tone than the Type A models, featuring sculpted abs as well as an overall increased muscle definition. The female body has been fleshed out slightly, offering a bit more curves along with the stronger tone, whilst the male has been made a bit more slender, so as to avoid the overly bulky chest native to the SL base body.
  • Type C – the curvy variant. The female has been shaped around a more plump curvaceous ideal, curvy and with broad hips, along with large, full breasts and nipples. Meanwhile the male has been shaped around the concept of the working man, a thick, heavy set body with a sizable gut, but paired with a considerable amount of muscle.

All three variants are available in male, female and of course androgynous options, and share the same, SL standard texture layout. Omega applier compatibility is given out of the box, meaning you won’t have to find and install an Omega kit before being able to use your skins and texture clothes.
Additionally, all major connection points – neck, wrists, knees and ankles – have the exact same size, normal layout and rigging. This means making attachments that connect to these points is as simple as making them for one type, and knowing they will fit flawlessly with any other Avatar Core body type as well. This also means that our avatar kits will fit correctly to all of our mesh body types.


Next, we wanted to create more variance for the female form, and looked to our old product lines. Looking back at our old mesh breasts, we then decided to implement a system that would allow the female and androgynous bodies to have a set of easily interchangeable breast shapes and sizes. We then set out to create four distinct styles – set apart from those provided by Type A, B and C already – and offer these as separate products. Using these breast addons has been made as simple as possible – simply wear the breasts along with your mesh body, and you are done. Within a few seconds they will configure themselves correctly and look like part of your body, no other setup required!

We are introducing these new designs as part of this release:

  • Large – a larger version of the standard breasts, fuller and with larger nipples, nice and plump looking
  • Enhanced – an extremely large variant, giant and hanging heavy on the chest
  • Mature – a more aged looking set, sagging slightly, well suited for older, more mature avatars
  • Perky – full and slightly upturned, pointy nipples, great for a sexy, arousing look

However, we did not end our efforts there. Wanting to add multibreast setups in order to please those with more than one set of breasts, we set out to provide an option for those people as well. Thus we offer not only those four additional designs, but also a multibreast version of the standard female and androgynous breasts for you to use.
Also, rather than simply making one style of teats, each body type and breast size received their own, custom teat style. So whilst an androgynous multibreast will be near flat and very small, enhanced multibreasts are full and heavy looking.
Using them is just as easy, simply wear them along with your body and watch as they configure themselves. Choose your desired nipple style and you are good to go.


And just when you think we were done, we have one more thing to add.
Sometimes people simply want to stand tall, and who are we to deny them? All of the previously listed products – all the avatar types, all the breasts, multibreasts, as well as ALL of our existing and future avatar kits – will now also be available in a 2x sized macro variant.
Macro products are sold separately, so be sure to pick your size if you want to have a large avatar – our vendors will clearly state which size you are buying. For avatar kits, we sell a special conversion package, containing all the mesh pieces you need in order to have a giant husky, cobra or dragon! Simply use these pieces instead of the meshes that came with your avatar kit, and you’re good to go!


Now finally, let’s talk about the where, the when, and the how much!
Firstly, let’s talk prices:

  • Avatar Core bodies will cost 1200L$ as before, for all types and sizes
  • Breasts and multi-breasts will be 400L$ each
  • The avatar kit macro conversion packages will be sold for 200L$

Be aware that we will have an inworld sale again during the release weekend however, so anything from this lineup bought inworld during the sale will be reduced in price!
This will put our mesh bodies at 1000L$, the breasts at 300, and the conversion kits at 100L$, but only for the weekend!
As for the when and where, here are the release dates and locations:

  • Saturday, February 17th at 2pm SL time, at YIFF
  • Sunday, February 18th at noon SLT, at The ARK

Once again we will be there to answer any questions and take your feedback, as well as hold our traditional L$ giveaways, so be sure to come on by and grab the new bodies while they are hot off the presses – and of course, on sale!


Oh yes, one more thing.
For those interested in our AkiFu Toys collaboration for our IRL toy line – all you canine dick fans may get quite the treat before long… keep an eye on this blog for more information!

Once again we have been busy, working on yet another avatar project. As the title image should quite unmistakably show, this time it’s dragons!

After many years, we figured that our old mesh dragon avatars were due for a total rework. They were the very first avatars we built to use a mesh body, and their age is definitely showing now. So what better time than now, when we released our Avatar Core mesh body line not long ago, to update these avatars, and give people the benefit of a current-gen mesh body, and all the perks that brings with it?

Of course we didn’t just stop there. We redesigned the avatars from the ground up, to look much more interesting and detailed, as well as made copious use of the Bento skeleton system. That way, we can bring you expressive facial animations, animated hands, a swaying tail, and a truly beautiful set of animated wings.


Let’s talk about the features a little more:

  • Materials & textures: We used a new set of tools to create these avatar textures, using it to learn to make better than ever textures, which should be quite impressively visible with the fire dragon displayed above. As usual now, customers will also receive access to the PSD files used to create these textures, letting modders put together their own textures, and even sell their custom skins. We took special care to make the textures as modular as possible, so that creating new styles is as easy as can be.
  • The HUD: We are once again using our tried and true avatar HUD for Avatar Core based avatars, with low performance impact and easy to use controls. You can quickly tweak all aspects of the avatar, control its effects, and toggle on and off most features.
  • The head: Fully animated with the Bento skeleton system, and features four distinct facial expressions, which can also be mixed and matched. In addition to this, optional earfins are on the avatar which can be hidden at the touch of a button, and you can pick from four different horn styles to further distinguish your looks.
  • The wings: Our first animated wings, and we poured a lot of effort into it. You can choose from different rest poses, have them fold forward when you sit, hug people, or spread them impressively. And once you take to the skies, our adaptive flight animations will really bring out the beauty of rigged wings, adjusting its animations to your flying.
  • The tail: Improved rigging over previous models, which allows us to do further animations. Several poses are available, as well as a range of more… interactive adult animations

So you might ask, when can you get your hands on these avatars? Real soon! We experienced some delays due to these avatars simply being quite work intensive, and we really want to bring you great quality works rather than rush them out there. Everything is mostly done, save for updating the special edition versions – Fire & Ice. Expect another release information post within the next few weeks however!


This brings us to another important note!
As of next week, myself (Psistorm) and my husband / partner in crime (Daeshana) will be away for a week, starting on the 14th, up to and including the 21st of August. As such, customer service inquiries will be answered very slowly. We thank you for your understanding, and apologize for any inconveniences. In our absence, please make sure to file any support requests on – we will get back to every request once we return!

After the rather successful bear release, I set my sights on something new. I once again wanted to design an avatar by myself, and a dragon / wolf hybrid has long been on my mind. The result is the Dracolupe, a full fitted mesh, 100% materials avatar.

We learned a lot from the success and feedback from the bear, and I wanted to really improve on the work done in the past. This new creation features some of my best techniques yet, and also has made large strides in script development.
So time to talk a bit about the features:

  • Mesh Body: The body is once again 100% rigged, fitted mesh, meaning you can set almost any shape you want via the body shape sliders. We include a distinct male & female form again, both of them modeled closely after the standard SL shape. This, combined with a powerful body alpha system, means you can wear almost any mesh based clothing without fear of clipping and are not reliable on specially crafted clothing items. As added feature, the female body comes with a mature option, as well as with a flat chested option for more androgynous bodies.
  • Materials: The avatar makes heavy use of SL’s materials to create a beautiful sheen, and is extensively modable. PSD files will be released at launch, and via the HUD you can control the glow and illumination of the crystals on the avatar.
  • Expressions: Create a wide array of expressions for your avatar; with five different base expressions for both eyes and mouth, as well as many tongue and ear poses, you have hundreds of possible combinations at your fingertips. Save your favorite expressions with a single click, for up to four extra pre-set expression sets. The hands once again have a wide array of pre-set finger poses as well, and are easy to customize to your liking.
  • The HUD: Customize any aspect of your avatar with the easy-to-use and low script HUD. Unobtrusive when closed and resizable, it gives direct access to virtually any customization option.
  • Custom Textures: Just not feeling any of the colors or patterns we’ll be offering at launch? Download the PSD files to make your own, then use the included, menu-based applier to easily apply custom textures to your avatar – no editing needed! Also, give away or sell your custom texture sets with ease, your customers can apply your textures with only two clicks!
  • The colors: At release, we are planning several options for you to choose from: A set of natural, hand-selected colors, followed by a rainbow variation. Additionally, a shiny, reflective latex variant will be included, and for a limited time at release, we will offer special editions for you as well.

So keep your eyes on this blog, we will post a new article when we are ready to put this beauty into your hands!

So after about a week of many sold dragon avatars, it’s time to roll out a series of minor fixes. These are available as of now, so please use the redelivery function if you are affected by any of this.

  • Improved typing detection. The jaw should no longer get stuck in an animation in laggy conditions
  • Added missing voice support for the jaw animation
  • Added afk detection, the avatar will close its eyes while you are afk

Additionally, a small fix has been rolled out to the dragon bits and mesh vagina marketplace listings, fixing a missing HUD and applier in those products. This only affects marketplace products though, so if you are affected by this, simply grab a redelivery. If you bought inworld, you’re fine!


So what’s next? Well first thing is going to be a boob update. I’ll create versions using fitted mesh so you can enjoy slider resizing and jiggly avatar physics goodness. While I’m at it, I’ll add some multiboobs, as well as some rigged nipples as new products, so look forward to that. After that, I’ll work on a few new things again~ so keep an eye on the blog!

So there have been a lot of rumors floating around that I would be making a dragon avatar next, and people have been quick to suggest that it would be an update on the existing dragons. So let me get an official statement out there for people to share: Yes, dragon avatars are coming, and should be an awesome thing. And no, they aren’t going to be straight updates. They are being built from scratch, to be reminiscent of the original avatars, but the colors will differ, as well as male/female joint packaging rather than separate. For these reasons and more, I’m not going to offer them as straight, free update, but I am looking into offering a discount to owners of the dragon avatar, but I can’t make promises yet.

Of course, you’ll get your money’s worth on this one. Target price is somewhere around 1-1.2k L$, to be decided, and the list of included features is as follows:

* You get two variations per box. A full, fitted-mesh based body using dynamic materials, and a classic, baked texture variation using the default SL avatar body (think my cobra avatar here)
* Both genders in one box, as is standard. The fitted mesh option will also include a flat-chested female shape for androgynous/accurate reptilian forms
* You get various horn styles to combine, as well as ear fins, so you have plenty of ways to style the head by combining these
* Poseable hands, wings and tail
* No use of mesh deformers, so no fear of broken bodies when switching from this avatar
* Right now an extremely low script profile, still lacking some features but I’m aiming for an even lower footprint than the cobra had.
* Yes, latex dragons are coming as well, so expect shiny avatars
* There will be a small lineup of materials-only, special edition dragons that will really show off some of what materials are capable of.
* It will also include a rigged unisex hairstyle with a bit of decoration

So when are they coming? Essentially when they are ready. The first prototype is almost at completion, but got delayed a lot because I’m learning many new tools and techniques with this avatar which will benefit me greatly in the long run, and thus, by proxy, you guys as well. I’ll keep working hard on it, I really want to get this into your hands, but I also want to make sure that I’m doing the best I can with it.

And oh, you want a preview? Sure 😀


So, a lot of ground to cover in this news update, so I best get started.

First of all, a big thank you for everyone who completed the survey about the bits HUD. The info really helped me get ideas, and confirm a few thoughts I had as for what people might want. I might do things like this again in the future when I write other big feature things, since this has proven to be a very nice way to find out what people like.

That said, some points of information about the results that stood out to me:

  • People generally seemed in favor of a pregnancy system
  • Out of those, the majority would be willing to purchase it separately, the general suggested price point was between 2-900 L$
  • A lot of people wanted support for their species and/or gender
  • Most people considered a low-lag system to be important
  • Also quite a few considered the poseball animation system quite useful
  • For the master/pet control system, most people wanted a HUD-Tie-in or both that as well as plugin scripts

With that said, let me move on to talk about the two things I’ve been working on the last two weeks: The fertility system and CCS.

Firstly, what is the fertility system about? Basically, pregnancy of various forms. And given the input I received and the plans I had for it, I had a very clear vision as for what its role was among other systems. I wanted something that is tailored to the world of roleplayers, where reality can be bent, and where most anything can be tweaked to someone’s preference. Basically a system for /you/, not just for your generic male/female coupling.
After some thinking, I decided that yes, selling it separately for the pregnancy options will be the best course of action. I poured a lot of work into it, and I think I’ve really got something fun here. I’m still deciding on the price, but expect it to be between 500 and 750 L$ when it launches.
So without any more ranting, here’s a feature overview:

  • Support for seven genders plus a custom option. This means all those herms, shemales, futanari etc can have a HUD that reflects their gender. And if your gender is something really unique, the custom option has you covered.
  • The gender of your children is influenced by the gender of the parents. Yes, all seven supported. This means you can have herm kids etc, or even kids of that custom gender you or your partner has
  • Support for any species, again with some pre-set names and custom options
  • Support for hybrid children if you so choose
  • Multi-pregnancy! Are you a character who is able to become pregnant multiple times at the same time? Again, this HUD has got you covered.
  • Custom cycle lengths. While setting up, you will be asked your desired cycle length for fertile and in-fertile phase, supporting anything from minutes to months
  • Custom everything! Not only cycle lengths, but also fertility settings, the length of your pregnancy, your average clutch/litter/what have you size. Everything can be chosen freely.
  • A “check area” event. Looking to find some fun and want to breed someone? This will tell you who in the room is in heat, or pregnant, or just wanting some. And don’t worry ladies, there is a privacy mode against snoopers.
  • Oviposition support! Yes you heard right. If you like laying eggs in people, you can now do so. Even if that person can’t even get pregnant! The system will still record it for them to see
  • Details! Cum inside your partner while wearing a condom, or receive small fertility chance bonuses if you have a knot, flare, or barbs
  • Mutual partner adding, so if you want to do a nice herm on herm session or similar and flip the tables, you only need to add once and can breed each other.
  • Multiple partner support! Have up to 12 concurrent active partners, add and remove them with ease.
  • Orgy support! Want to have fun with multiple people to make it more random who the father could be? Yep, thats possible.
  • BSDM support via the CCS API. Tons of possibilities! Build tentacle playsets that perform oviposition, force-impregnate people, or lock down your sub to automatically accept any partner requests, or put them in chastity instead
  • Low impact! The whole fertility package only adds 2 scripts to the HUD
  • Inclusive instead of exclusive! The basic male options will come with the standard psicorp bits HUD!

Now about the CCS API. I bet by now you’ve been wondering what the heck that is, right?
Well, let me sum it up. CCS stands for the Chastity & Control System, which is a fancy term for a series of scripting hooks that have been built into the pregnancy HUD as well as the naughty parts.

So.. what can you do with them? This:

  • Make chastity belts that disallow the wearer to control their own bits, or that prevent people from using the pregnancy system
  • Make collar plugins for opencollar and other systems, that allow the dom to take over control of the sub’s bits
  • Build bondage furniture or monster/tentacle play-sets that can interact with someone’s bits, modify arousal, or impregnate someone
  • Create toys that lock down the states of your bits, like a dildo that automatically modifies your tailhole/vagina while you use it
  • Modify the wearers arousal, make them cum, etc. Great for things like TiS plugins or lots of other stuff!
  • A lot of other things. The functions allow for a lot of control,  so be creative! I will be releasing a sampling of objects using CCS along with the v5.0 release

This covers most of the features right there. I hope you all like what I came up with; I certainly had a lot of fun thinking it all up and making it work. This brings me to the next part, the closed beta.

Basically, with something so big as the pregnancy system, I want some more eyes on the project. I had a dear friend sit with me for those 2 weeks, working through every function to make sure the bugs were taken care of, and now that everything appears to be in order, I want a handful of people to give it some more testing. To tell me whether it’s responsive enough, easy enough to understand, and whether the settings and probabilities feel right to you. I’m also open for other feedback, and will implement that as I can.

Now what am I looking for, as far as beta testers go?
Generally, I want someone who is willing to put a little time to the task, try it out with other people,  or to just run it through the paces using the included tester objects. Someone who is up for running multiple tests, trying out different settings, seeing if anything breaks or feels off. And someone who gives me feedback, who tells me if something breaks, and even better, how they managed to break it so that I can fix it. And someone who understands that this is a beta, so some things may be subject to change. If something breaks or generally is bad, complain to me please, not your friends. I’m here to make it better after all.
What I’m NOT after is someone who just uses the HUD for personal pleasure and never once talks to me about it.

So.. what’s in it for you?
Well, all of you who participate will receive the final build for free! Also, I may include some of the CCS stuff I will be making in as well, possible some more, on  a case by case basis. So if that caught your interest, and if you want to tinker with this new system, please drop me a notecard or an IM for an application, and I’ll consider you!


Well, that was quite a wall of text, but this concludes this update. While the beta runs, I will be working on new stuff (boobs, CCS features) and will keep you posted on that as I make it happen!