Time has come!

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Time has arrived, the Infestation is coming, and it is spreading! Four strands have been identified, with various sub-patterns, each of them as twisted and exciting as its brethren.  Soon, you all will be able to join in, and to even spread the gift, turning your friends or victims into drones, fill them with your eggs, or enjoy your newfound toys in any which way you like.

Be sure to mark this weekend in your calendars, since two parties are going to happen. One on Saturday, 2pm SLT at GYC, another on Sunday, at the Dirty Paws club at New German Fu at 1pm SLTr. Come on by and join in the fun, and watch as all four strands will be available for you to see and get your hands on, as well as raffles for money or products.

What is the cost to become infested you may ask? And what do you get from it?
Each pack will go at 1000L$, and will be well worth the money, for not only does every strand come with many rigged and shiny pieces, you gain two styles as well, a queen and drone variant, the pieces of which may mix and match freely. Furthermore, a penis and vagina to match each strand is included, and even a full fledged fertility HUD, which is 500L on its own. And better yet, via the pregnancy system, you’ll be able to give your partners a drone kit as well, to turn them into your infested kin!

So keep watch for this weekend, the infestation is spreading, and it’s coming for you!

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