Bugfix and consistency update for all bits

As of now, there is a small update available for all bits. You may use your v5 HUD’s redelivery function (settings page) to obtain the latest version, or use any of my big vendor terminals for their redelivery option.
The update mainly addresses two items:

  • Fixed autohide not working on penises, all settings should now function correctly
  • Updated all manuals to use the correct links to support.psicorp.us

If anything happens to be wrong – wrong items boxed, anything missing etc – please notify me either directly or via the support page and I will address it shortly.

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  1. How do I contact you to ask some basic questions before buying?

    I have several AV’s I want to buy your product for, but no way to get the questions I needs answered first.

    Please let me know and thanks.

    P.S. I searched your store and site very carefully for a support or email address before posting here and did not find one.

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