Rebirth of a classic – the PsiCorp Classic Dragon Avatar

Rebirth of a classic – the PsiCorp Classic Dragon Avatar

Surprise everyone! Due to popular demand, we brought back an old favorite, the first release dragon avatars.
Of course, we didn’t just simply put them up for sale again. Instead, we went back and rescripted them entirely, so they are nice and lag free now. In fact, they come in at only about 160kb of script memory 😀 – much better than before!
Additionally, we threw in some appliers for mesh breasts as well, along with getting rid of the old invisiprims in favor of avatar alpha masks.

We also merged male and female into the same box rather than selling them separately, and all that for the low price of 400L$ 😀

Better yet, if you bought one of the old dragons in the past, you’re eligible for a free update to this new and improved version. Simply visit any of my vendors to access the redelivery page and claim your avatar 😀

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