Shameless Plug: GearDragon Furniture

Shameless Plug: GearDragon Furniture

So thats something new for once, but I decided to give my mate a little bit of advertising. Hes dabbling in the art of furniture making, and recently has crafted a rather sweet looking corner bookcase. Hes doing a very nice mix of steampunk and art deco, which in my opinion works together just awesomely, and I think he deserves a bit of extra traffic 😀

So check out this link here, leave your feedback, and if you like it, go get it, more fun things are in the works!

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Holy hell, thats awesome!!!
Reminds me of the Hammerites from Thief game series!
Would it be possible to encourage to have a bit of re-texturing to fit those a bit more? i’m currently working on some Clothing of the Hammerites from Thief universe ^_^

Thief are very steampunk game, and i love it a LOT!
Read about the Hammerites here:

Actually, the shelfs gears on it makes me think of the
the Mechanists…

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