New wolves and foxes coming this weekend!

Surprise folks! I’ve been busy again working on some new and improved things. After having released the last batch of animesh bits, I wanted to turn my gaze on my canine avatars again. Some of them are now very old, some date back even to the sculpt area, so I got the idea to just redo the whole slew of them in two waves. And this weekend, wave one is coming out, bringing you some very updated wolves and foxes!

We redid virtually everything about them, improving where possible. Textures are much refined, with a much nicer fur texture, taken from what we learned with the dragonwolves, and the faces no longer just pose, they now have animations, such as sharks and dragonwolves once again. I also learned a new technique for fur tufts, and instead of flat, textured planes they are now all sculpted out properly. The cheek fluff is also toggle-able now! Digilegs got a major shape overhaul, and the eyes got some updates as well, being taken from our more recent avatar works.

Additionally, the heads will be sold on their own as well, so they can be more easily used in conjunction with third party mods without needing the full kit!

The whole package means the wolves look sharper than ever, and honestly I’m really proud of how they turned out. So what’s coming next? Well, we still have some derpy looking huskies from the early mesh ages that will get the same treatment, and going even further back, we’ve got dalmatians and german shepherds badly needing some attention. Those three species will make up the second wave, which will release once they are all done. Beyond that, likely some more adult parts since there is a great demand for more variants, so 2020 will be a quite exciting year as far as avatars and adult bits.

Talking about the upcoming release some more, we’ve got something extra coming for those wolves and foxes! My wonderful girl Sokolovo has been busy making a couple of lovely okapi and piebald python inspired mods, which will be available at the release parties alongside the avatars. So be sure to check them out too, and give them some love 😀

Update: Enjoy this preview of two more mods that will be on offer at the release parties 😀 – the Saint/Sinner mods for the wolves and foxes!

Release times and dates are as follows:

  • Saturday, April 4th, noon SL time at GYC
  • Sunday, April 5th, 2pm SL time at The Ark

Pricing for the kits will be 800L$ each, and as usual will include male and female parts, as well as parts for Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies ontop of our own body pieces. For any existing owners, updates will once again be free! Also, pricing for the standalone wolf/fox heads will be around 500L$.

And finally touching briefly on 2020, I do hope all of you are staying safe, staying inside as your are able. We all hope this will run its course soon and things can get back to normal!


  1. I’m so proud of both of you. Everything looks so amazing from the newly update heads and body parts to the two new mods♥

  2. These look great! You’ve definitely been working hard.
    Any plans on an otter animesh in the future?

    1. Definitely. I’ll be announcing things on this blog or in my discord as I get closer to having something ready~ before that though, there will be a few more avatars since I want to catch up some very old models from the sculpt age~

  3. Awesome! Been waiting for this since I was told in my last support ticket they were coming. Just put on my update and it looks great. Can’t wait to mess with the dev textures and make a custom color set. I assume the textures on the manual have been updated to the new versions? Just making sure.

    1. Ok I found out they are the new textures, however I seem to have found a fairly large issue that I’m unsure what’s going on. After fighting to get the white on the legs match the color on the torso (they don’t match when you use the same color, by the way) I’m spotting a nasty texture seam where the torso and legs meet, as well as down the arms. I’ll send a support ticket with a screenshot, but ALL I did was select smooth male shading, make the fur shading slightly more visible, and changed the color layers, like I did on the dragonwolf that had no issue.

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