So now its official, the new PsiCorp German Shepherd avatars will be available for purchase this weekend.
Dates are as follows:

  • Saturday the 1st of May, at Underground Fur Club, 3pm SLT – SLURL
  • Sunday, the 2nd, at The Draconian Yiff Fantasy – SLURL

Also, you will have a chance of winning one of three free avatars, two will be handed out at UFC, another during the event at TDYF, so come and take your chance at winning one of those doggies!

If you’re curious, heres a bit of extra info about the avatars:

  • Seven colors, all based off of natural colors and markings of these beautiful dogs
  • Both genders in one package, for 1000 L$
  • Same basic feature set as the fox avatars, however some added expressions
  • Much lower script time and memory use, script time has gone down to 1/2 to 1/3rd of what it used to be on the foxes. Thanks to the SL server 1.38 update!
  • All prim parts copy/mod, all parts at least with copy permissions
  • Option to use non-invisiprim legs for viewer 2.0 users. Includes transparency maps, and includes full perm transparency textures as well! And dont worry, 1.23 users will see your legs just fine! You just need viewer 2.0 to put on the new, optional body parts.

That about sums it up for this post, be sure to join us during the events, and bring friends!

So thats something new for once, but I decided to give my mate a little bit of advertising. Hes dabbling in the art of furniture making, and recently has crafted a rather sweet looking corner bookcase. Hes doing a very nice mix of steampunk and art deco, which in my opinion works together just awesomely, and I think he deserves a bit of extra traffic 😀

So check out this link here, leave your feedback, and if you like it, go get it, more fun things are in the works!

I figure I’ve kept this secret for long enough, so heres the news for everyone to read:
My next upcoming avatar will be German Shepherds!

Ive got the first one almost finished, and am currently ironing out the last glitches with it, as well as preparing to give it facial expressions, just like the fox had them. So far I’m very happy with the outcome of the project, and it’s certainly showing improvements over the fox, in my eyes. Work is going a lot smoother, now that I sorted out the organizational issues of building an avatar, so my workspace is a lot cleaner than it used to be.

Though see for yourself, here’s a preview picture for you guys, spread it around if you like, and leave some feedback!

If you’re curious about when to expect this to hit the stores, all I can say is “when its done.” ™. But rest assured that there will be more previews of the other colors, as well as a nice, closer look at the facial expression system.