Small Bento/Animesh vagina bugfix update

Small Bento/Animesh vagina bugfix update

As of this post, a small set of issues have been resolved:

  • Animesh Vagina – fixed piercings staying visible when vagina was hidden
  • Bento Vagina eBody – addressed small clipping issues

As with all updates, please visit any inworld location to obtain a redelivery of the latest version if you are affected by these issues! Click any redelivery terminal or vendor to open the menu and select the redelivery option. From there, you will be able to access any past purchase made from us!


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Not sure if this is on any to-do list, but I hope there are plans to update (or make a new) the cloaca to work the same way as the vagina. I would love to have a BoM-supported one that is alphaed into bodies. It would be neat.

Anyhow, thank you for the stuff you guys have made for some of us who enjoy the weird stuff.

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    Psistorm Voxel

    At some point I would like to make it happen, though a bento cloaca would defintely be quite the challenge given the additional bones needed for it, but it may be possible!

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