Animesh Cervine & Bovine Penis – coming soon!

Animesh Cervine & Bovine Penis – coming soon!

After a long wait, it is finally time again for new animesh bits! This time, we’ll be releasing the Animesh Cervine and Bovine penis!
Both designs are based off of their original models, but have been greatly overhauled and detailed up. Meshes and textures have been redone from scratch and look a lot more detailed than before, as well as more detailed than previous animesh models!

As with all our bits, expect smooth, fluid animations as well as detailed textures and messy effects like the 3d cum! Textures also have been built with the upcoming PBR update in mind, making it easier to migrate over once this update comes.

These will likely be the last bits to be built in the old materials style, going forward, once the new PBR materials update launches, we will transition over to this new system for the massive visual improvements we are likely to obtain from it! Expect news on the planned Animesh 5.0 update in the future as well, there are some big changes coming!

For parties and prices, we will offer these bits at the usual price of 1200L$ for regular and 1500L$ for the deluxe (including the fertility version of the HUD). Events will be held at the following times and places:

  • Saturday, February 18th, Noon SLT – The Ark
  • Sunday, Februrary 19th, 2pm SLT – Chill

As usual, we will have a nice party with music and raffles, so make sure to come visit and get your hands on the new releases!

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deer with a beer

Hi deer here from chill venue, hope you guys can make the event! 🙂

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