That´s right folks, v4.0 is right around the corner now. I’m just waiting on a few smaller things before i go and set the release date in stone (not everything related to it is done by me, such as vendor system upgrades), so in order to make sure that the new version is the best possible quality, I’ve decided to go ahead and open up to a slightly larger beta test program.

So how does it work?
Simple. Read the section below, and if you think you’d be a good tester, go ahead and drop me a notecard or IM.

Q: So first and foremost, how can I qualify at all?
A: The idea is simple. If you bought a PsiCorp bit before, preferably something other than the canine or just the female parts (however the latter can do with more testing too), you passed the first round, so to speak. Why do you have to own a PsiCorp product? Well, you are eligible to test any species that you bought from me. If you dont own any, you’re not eligible. This is to prevent people from wanting to “test” v4.0 and never getting back to me afterwards now that they have free bits.

Q: So what does testing mean? Do I put the new bits on and then put them into someone/you?
A: Sadly, this isnt what testing is about, although it can be part of the procedure. What I am after – and what I’m looking for you to do – is questions such as: “Are all texture sets working right?” or “Do all prims move correctly in the different states?” or even more complex stuff such as: “when linking several bits together and doing heavy modding, will something break?”
All in all I’m looking to have all the functions, standard and modding, tested out to catch any glitches, both from the conversion of the individual bits, as well as with v4.0 itself.

Q: And what´s in it for me?
A: I’ll decide that on a case by case basis, depending on how I feel the whole procedure went. But in general, payment can range from some free bits to L$ payments, I consider myself quite open in that respect.

Q: Anything else I need to know?
A: Well, if you’re approved to be a tester, all the information you need to operate the bits can be found on – I have also written up a whole new section for v4.0 related modding, which should greatly simplify the process compared to the old version. Also, full herm sets currently aren’t available. I will set these up once the testing is done, since it would effectively double the amount of fixing I would have to do should a global bug show up. Herm sets can still be linked up from individual components however.

So if you are interested in testing out the new release before it hits the vendors and feel the above requirements work out for you, drop me a line and we can discuss how to go about things!