So, as some people from the PsiCorp Customer group could see the other day, the v4.0 release is finally happening!
This comes with a wealth of other changes, and I’ll get into some detail here:

Firstly, as of today, there is a new set of vendors operating in all locations, the old system is non-existant now. Since I entered every product into the new system, please let me know if a product delivers wrongly, or if something has the wrong price tag, etc, and I will immediately go and fix it, as well as correct your purchase.
Since I am switching to a new database entirely, the old one is in the process of being moved. This means the re-delivery feature is currently NOT yet functional, but it will become so within the next 1 or 2 days, so everyone can get their v4 updates come saturday.

Secondly, v4.0. What the heck is new? Let me outline the details quickly for you.

  • Less scripts. Penises run 5 scripts, in some cases 1-2 more, as opposed to 1 script per prim as v3 used to be. Vagina & Tailhole work off 2 scripts each now.
  • Better modding: The dreaded mod-scripts are gone, and I’ve put an all new modding system in place, which relies on chat commands, and is very simple and fast to use. I also wrote a host of tutorials for easy understanding of this system, they can be found – as all the other product infos – on the main page of
  • A better HUD. It may look mostly like the v3, but it runs on less scripts, and has some extra features included, such as better particle effect control and a much improved poseball system.
  • Other features, such as the ability to control the throb effect, better custom texture support via notecards, and a cloth bulge function, which can be modded into fully animatable clothing


With all that said, when will you get your hands on this? This weekend, starting saturday, 2pm SL time!
So let’s talk about the events themselves then.

Firstly, I will be present during both events, and will be around to answer all your questions, about the new releases, and about future products or the features of v4.0.
Also, I will not only release the v4.0 update, but also several new products!

  • The New Canine penis! – Yes thats right. I am releasing an alternative to the current Canine model, with a different style and additional poses!
  • The Bear Penis – something for all you Ursines out there, built after the real thing and tweaked slightly for more visual awesomeness.
  • The Mutant Penis – this one is big, juicy, and a bit freaky. Im sure all kinds of people will like that one 😀
  • The Wildgasmasks KG1 Gasmask series – while mostly aimed at humans/humanoids, you might find those fitting you as well! NOTE: This is a MESH product, so please use a compatible viewer to enjoy it.

But wait, there’s more! We will also hold a Linden Dollar raffle at both events. There will be 3 drawings on each event, the first with a 1000L$ prize, the second will have 2500, and the final one will have a 5000L$ prize! And even if you get unlucky the first time around, there will be a second chance the next day.

So where is all that at? There are two events going on, the first will be Saturday, 2pm SLT at YIFF, the second will be Sunday, 2pm SLT at GYC. I will send out a notice with landmarks an hour or two before the event as well, and again when the event is kicking off. So spread the words and mark the date in your calendars, folks!


And lastly, another big announcement: The PsiCorp Main Store will return soon! It’s currently undergoing final construction and furnishing, and you will soon be able to shop there at your leisure again. All new releases will include a landmark to the new store as well. You will not only find all PsiCorp products spread out in a nice, art deco enviroment, but also various affiliate vendors, as well as the Gear Dragon furniture products, done by my very own mate, Murry Soothsayer.

Once the store is ready – expect this well before saturday – I will do another announcement along with a landmark for everyone.


This sums up the news for today, have fun everyone!