As of two days ago, the PsiCorp Market Place store is finally running on direct delivery. This means the following for you:

  • No more delivery outages, should MF Industries be restarting/down while you buy
  • More reliable deliveries
  • More reliable database entries of your purchases, since I now have a new reporting system for DD
  • All your items now come unboxed, in your received items folder
  • Any and all mistakes have been fixed, I went and fixed any products that had the wrong graphics while I was at it, back from the big marketplace hiccup


In other news, I still am very much alive, and still have big plans. A lot of my time has been eaten up by helping an SL game project (which is VERY fun by the way!), but I still have plans. Boobs are still very much my top priority in the medium term, and in the short term, expect some more cock releases while I get more time to work on them. I still have big avatar plans as well, and if you have been following the SL tech news, you know that materials are being beta tested now. Those, together with slider deforms for mesh bodies, are the two key techs I want to use for all my new avatars, because you can do some fricken amazing stuff with them 😀

So be patient everyone, I’m far from dead or bored of PsiCorp, and I have plans 😀