Due to several requests, we decided to include legacy versions of released products with each purchase of the respective items now. Legacy items are previous versions of products that received a total overhaul, such as the Dragon Penis or herm set. Some people expressed a preference of the older looks and/or handling, so now you are able to obtain them either by buying the product or, if you are an existing owner of one, by having it redelivered to you. Please keep in mind that these legacy items are provided as-is, and will receive no further updates down the line, nor are they officially supported any longer. Please use these only if you really want to use the older looks, and understand that we won’t provide customer support for legacy items, only for the current versions.

Currently, the following products ship with legacy versions:

  • Anthro Penis & Herm Set
  • Bear Penis & Herm Set
  • Dragon Penis & Herm Set
  • Sergal Penis & Herm Set

This list will expand over time as more products are overhauled, and legacy items will come as a standard courtesy option with all overhauled items.