PsiCorp bits v6.0.1 patch released

With the release of our new v6 series bits came a rush of popularity, and also a flood of little issues that people reported. So today we sat down and took care of everything that was reported thus far, releasing version 6.0.1, now available on new purchases and redeliveries.

Below are the changes included in this release:

  • Fixed an out-of-memory error that could occur in the vagina piercing script while using the scaling buttons
  • Fixed the customize menu displaying the wrong bit for customization when closing and re-opening it with multiple bits attached
  • Fixed the missing tailhole in the Sergal Herm Set box
  • Fixed the texture applier not allowing setting up tailhole textures
  • Fixed the bits HUD not displaying state buttons for 5.x series bits
  • Fixed the bits HUD not correctly updating all group buttons when attaching with no bits being worn
  • Fixed the grey shaft texture on the canine mesh penis not being accessible properly
  • Fixed the balls disappearing on the long canine mesh penis when in the “raised” state

We recommend updating if you bought a v6 bit over the weekend, since those fixes and improvements should affect all of them in some way. As always, redeliveries are available from any inworld vendor or redelivery terminal.

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