The PsiCorp Upgrade Program

After the release of our latest update, and with many more planned in the future. PsiCorp is now testing out a series of upgrades for those of you that purchased a legacy product in the past. This program is currently only available for the following products:

  • PsiCorp Canine Penis
  • PsiCorp Canine Herm Set
  • PsiCorp Equine Penis
  • PsiCorp Equine Herm Set

If you wish to order ad upgrade, you must contact Daeshana Ikura (daeshana sapeur) within the Second Life world via Instant Message. Each upgrade costs 150 Lindens, and you will receive the mesh version of the same product. Please be patient as there is only one service member working the program at this time, and they will operate on a first come, first serve basis.

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