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After the very successful release of our Avatar Core line and our new Cobra Kits, we took in your feedback and made some small improvements over the last days.
In detail, here’s what we did so far:

  • Avatar Core: Added a nipple applier, allowing you to apply a selection of nipple textures to the tattoo layer, if you want a simple way to have nipples on a previously PG skin
  • Avatar Core: Added demos, which as of this article have been updated to be more complete and properly represent the actual capabilities of our product
  • Cobra Kit: Pushed out a fix as of this article which addresses missing animation errors in the head, as well as includes a possible fix for random animation stops


With our products running smoothly now, we have set our sights on our next update: Bits version 6.

With 6.0 having come quite a ways over the last year and being by far our most popular version yet, over time some shortcomings and outright bugs have come to light. Our goal with 6.1 is to address these concerns, and provide a better, bug-free, consistent and more customizeable experience to all of our customers. Thus far, this is what we aim to do, and partially already implemented as part of our current efforts:

  • Change: All penis shaft textures no longer use alpha channels to display short states, instead hard shaft prims will use additional faces which can be hidden on short states. This frees up the alpha channel for modding purposes, and fixes unintended behavior when using glow on the shaft
  • Add: The penis now supports the /5alphamode command, allowing the sheath, shaft or effect layers to use different alpha modes (none, blend, mask or emissive), for further modding use
  • Add: The penis also supports /5alphacutoff command, allowing to specify the cutoff value used for alpha mode mask
  • Add: The vagina & tailhole now supports the /5shiny commands as well, allowing to customize the shiniess values of all sub-objects (flesh, fur)
  • Add: The vagina & tailhole now all include the fur, scale, plate & latex options on top of any unique texture options
  • Fix: Fixed piercing coloration & glow not correctly applying / persisting through states on penis piercings
  • Fix: Various smaller performance and memory changes to the Penis Materials Script, resulting in less memory used while texturing
  • Fix: Fixed glow handling on vagina & tailhole, it now always applies to the correct prims
  • Fix: Fixed shininess not affecting many sheath prims when the default smooth texture was chosen

There may be more fixes coming, but this is a comprehensive list of what we’ve done thus far, and are working on currently. The full release notes will be provided once v6.1 releases, keep an eye on this blog for the announcement. Currently there is no ETA on the release date, but we’re working hard to make it available soon!

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